For those who prefer their music to ooze from the cracks of murkier depths, say ‘goodbye’ bedroom dreamers and ‘hello’ to self-confessed ‘Maximalist’ Manchester duo Ghost Outfit. Their debut album will leave no eardrum unblown, and no window unshattered.

Whilst other bands strive for ‘stripped back’, layers of wild guitar and industrial drum rhythms define lead single ‘Killuhs’, whereas elsewhere on the LP relentless grooves, restless drones and innovative ambiance prevail. It’s a record of schizo-fi intensity taking the listener on a spontaneous joyride, unabashedly straddling the line between melancholia and euphoria, melodic pop and teeth-grinding white noise; contrasts that only add definition to the drama.

Combining an appreciation for late 80s-early 90s bands The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Throbbing Gristle and Sonic Youth, with the modern omnivorous approach of bands such as No Age or Deerhunter the unexpected, unconventional quality of the album is only further enhanced.



1. Too Soon

2. Switch


4. _

5. Sleep

6. Words

7. Lexicon

8. I Want Someone Else

9. Killuhs

10. What You’ve Got

11. Kids

Released 24/6 on Sways Records