Peaking Lights are Aaron and Indra, a musical duo from Wisconsin who came to prominence last year with their debut album ‘936’. It’s an awesome listen, taking in sun-soaked reggae sounds, minimalist electronica, woozy, dreamy synths and some beautiful vocals to make your heart melt. Don’t be fooled though; there is nothing soppy or soft about this band. Their music might make you want to float away but their beats still maintain a rawness and power that is solidly structured, taking in dub, pop and a healthy dose of krautrock to make something truly special.

They’ve taken TOY’s new single ‘Motoring’ (released on the excellent Heavenly Recordings label) and turned it into a foot-stomping, scuzzy epic, making the most of the song’s natural highs and lows, while mixing insome magic drums to create something uniquely engaging.

Peaking Lights have a new album ‘Lucifer’ dropping on June 18th on the Weird World label. It features their son Mikko on some of the songs!

Grab your free download HERE (right click and save as)