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Monday evening after another warm day, and the room in Manchester’s Deaf Institute is getting warmer by the minute, it is also, packed. Everybody here is ready to enjoy another night of great music, and great talent, and share together the collective joy, from a shared musical experience. It’s difficult to understand that hours later, not too far away, an atrocity was to happen. There is no space in this world for those who commit acts of terror, on defenseless, innocent individuals who they themselves are looking only to enjoy life itself. Within Manchester, and all over the world, we all want to live without fear, and to live life to its fullest, free from harm. Each and every person caught up in the attack will neither forget nor be forgotten, they sought out joy from life, as should we all, and as should we all have the chance to be able to.

For the oncoming night of terror, there was joy in the company of Luke Sital-Singh; his humourful  self-deprecating personality left an impression in the air, that you’d much like to be down the pub with him and his humour. Opening up with ‘Cynic’ from his latest album Time Is A Riddle, the lyrics are heartfelt, and sincere as Sital-Singh gets lost within the song, and the words, so does his audience. With his simple yet unassuming manner, here is a man who has the honour of touching others, with his words. And what beautiful words they are.

Witty remarks abound throughout the night, as Sital-Singh jokingly directs us to cheer louder for the new songs, like a TV studio with their ‘clap’ signs. The crowd oblige, cheering before the new song is sung, leading Sital-Singh to observe with humour “you’ve not heard it yet, use your head”. It’s a common feature throughout the night, chuckling along with Sital-Singh with his dry humour at himself, mic mishaps, and roadie stories. He’s the consummate performer; faultless, skillful, and humble. For me, the main highlight is the duet with his support for the night Ciaran Lavery, with a rendition of Ryan Adams’ ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’. Mainly because I love Ryan Adams, and that it was sweet, if a little unexpected, though I’ve since read that Sital-Singh is also a fan of Ryan Adams work. As should we all be *wink*. With many great songs under his belt (if he wears one) and performed for us here in Manchester, including ‘Bottled Up Tight’, ‘Nothing Stays The Same’ and leaving with ‘Fail For You’, we can only hope that there are many many more to come.

A night to remember in all the right and wrong ways. We should and will, all continue to want to live a happy life filled with the things and people that make us feel happy and feel loved, be that a music event or anything else, for this is something that cannot be taken from us. We are a city and a nation of music lovers, that love others, that feel the pain of others. For a gig like Luke Sital Singh or Ariana Grande, we’re all humans coming together to enjoy, to feel, and to share in the company of others, others we wish only to do the same. We will always, all unite.

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Danielle Kenneally

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