“Burn The Fruit (Pegasus)” is from the San Francisco band’s second LP, ‘Steady On, Scientist!’, slated for release June 25 via Lucky Number. Directed by Brian Ziffer, the video continues in Seventeen Evergreen‘s tradition of producing highly visual creative art around their music.

Following the success of the band’s December 2011 Psyentist EP, ‘Steady On, Scientist!’ is about space and density – the polarity and the duplicity of life. Names like New Order, Air, Screamadelica-era Primal Scream, Sonic Youth or Flaming Lips may come to mind, but sonically and spiritually, it’s a singularly triumphant and liberating concoction, an anthemic vision. Like their debut (2007’s Life Embarrasses Me On Planet Earth), ‘Steady On, Scientist!’ is entirely self-written, recorded and produced and, once again, it emphasizes its creator’s clear and unique identity, away from the pack.


Polarity Song


President Clavioline

Wasting Time/ Castlefield

Del Paso Heights

Fluorescent Kind


Burn the Fruit (Pegasus)