Sure, it is easy to look at The Graveltones and quickly compare them to The Black Keys. Both bands compose of two men playing drums and guitar, both bands play fuzzy modern blues, and both bands draw their influences from the great rock legends of John Lee Hooker and Led Zeppelin.

But unlike The Black Keys who have refined their sound, the London bred Graveltones are unpolished. A sound that is rough, gritty, rock n’roll dirty.

You might not know The Graveltones by name yet, but you may recognise their latest single, ‘I Want Your Love.’ The song features on the recent advert for Irish Lotto, involving the spontaneous dancing in the street of winning customers, search ‘Happy Tony’ or ‘Happy Reg’ for a brilliant robot. You would probably also have a crack at the robot when listening to ‘I Want Your Love,’ it has a jerky and infectious blues guitar hook, with a thundering beat, but not only that, the lyrics are innovative and intelligent, “ I’m certain it does exist, behind the curtain where you hide your kiss.”

The single is rock in its natural state, simple, clever and damn right exciting.

Jimmy O on vocals and MikeySorbello on drums embrace the origins of the blues, to produce music that feels classic and powerful. Having started out only last year, the band have racked up an impressively high 150 gigs, and a self-titled EP. As the audience numbers grow and attention simmers, The Graveltones plan to emerge with a hotly anticipated album this year. Their undeniable musical talent shows at all of their live performances, often described as explosive and high energy, The Graveltones make an unapologetic impression.

The single, ‘I Want Your Love’ is released May 21st and is now available on their website as a free single download for a short period of time. They also have two London gigs planned for May and July, so to catch them, check their website for availability.