Here is this week’s roundup of new releases.

Samana              Samana             

Their self-titled third album recalls the otherworldly atmospherics of Nico, Mazzy Star, Keeley Forsyth, with a now bolstered (self) production canon that ranges from Ennio Morricone scores to Radiohead’s more experimental moments.

Faux Real           Faux Ever

A self-described “11-piece symphony for head-banging and longing” from Franco-American art-pop duo.

Bess Atwell       Light Sleeper  

Produced by the National’s Aaron Dressner, Light Sleeper looks to continue the warm and effervescent aesthetic Bess Atwell has been cultivating for herself in recent years.

Air Drawn Dagger          Songs To Fight the Gods To    

Reimagined version of EP that originally contained big guitar riffs, Hip Hop beats, synths but now consists of acoustic guitars, raw vocals, and string arrangements.

Bill MacKay      Locust Land   

Key to the arrangements of Locust Land is a departure from previous norms — in addition to the guitar work for which he is known, Bill plays a variety of keyboards, from piano to organ to synth, extending his music with the available voicings, without abandoning his signature brevity.

Girl and Girl     Call A Doctor 

Full-length debut from Australian garage rock outfit on Sub Pop.

Night Laser      Call Me What You Want            

Hamburg sleaze rockers with their most versatile and multi-faceted collection.

Paul Weller       66          

His 17th solo album features lyrical contributions from a rollcall including Suggs, Noel Gallagher and Bobby Gillespie and is quite a reflective and inward thinking album

The Oscillation              The Start of the End   

Album that reflects his move from big city claustrophobia to a more bucolic backdrop.

Evil Dead           Toxic Grace     

An album featuring a wide range of different styles and sounds, from doom to melodic metal, from traditional heavy metal to their characteristic old-school thrash style.

Softcult              Heaven EP       

Duo carving out a signature sound with their enthralling, celestial shoegaze bliss and crushing dense swathes of sound, interlaced with impassioned lyrical calls.

Billy Mahonie                  Field of Dreams            

First album in 24 years from post-rock band that crafted their intricate music with memorable hooks and melodies and performed it with energy and gusto.

Girl and Girl     Call A Doctor 

A tuneful blast of a record from this Australian four-piece garage rock outfit on Sub Pop.

The Janitors     An Error Has Occurred

Swedish drone-rockers with the menace of Melvins, the swagger of The Stooges and the cosmic heft of The Heads.

Gastr del Sol                   We Have Dozens of Titles       

They reconnected to assemble nearly an hour of previously unreleased live recordings — including their final performance together — with another near-hour of studio recordings culled from long lost singles, EPs, and compilations.

Aquaserge        La Fin de l’economie 

The album is an ecological poem, where present and past collide. A resolutely rock-sounding album, laced with electronics, experimental pop songs and audio archives. Along the way, the listeners will encounter traces of Oulipo (the famous experimental French literary movement founded in the ’60s), Dada and free jazz.

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Fund Your Community Hub

The new album shifts the time-frame forward ever so slightly into the 1980s, with elements of synth-pop creeping in to the Tangerine Dreamscapes.

Low Leaf            Red Moon EP  

LA harpist / pianist / composer Angelica-Marie Lopez with an EP of deep, sparkling astral jazz

Thraa   Half Light         

Manchester drone duo with exploration into big dynamics, distorted tonal colouring and heavenly vocals.

Machinedrum 3For82

Between drum & bass, hip-hop, jazz, R&B and juke, Stewart weaves in an impressive crew of collaborators on ‘3FOR82

The Speed of Sound    A Cornucopia: Minerva Veteran

Manchester garage-psych future-retro-modernists

Sebastian Mullaert & Henrik Frendin Hind    

A sonic dialogue between the two artists that blurs boundaries between acoustic and electronic music and that has at its core experimentation and freedom.

Madala Kunene             1990: the Hidden Years Recordings  

South African musician who blends Zulu folk with township blues to produce a unique hybrid of contemporary music he calls “Madala-line”.