‘I Tell Myself’ is the third single to be taken from Diagrams’ newly released album, Dorothy via Bookshop Records. Written in collaboration with nonagenarian Washington State poet Dorothy Trogdon, the uplifting track’s arrangements provide a fitting juxtaposition to Trogdon’s carefully crafted words, exploring the theme of acceptance amidst the internal monologue we all experience when navigating life’s myriad challenges.

Video director Ewan Jones-Morris is well known for his creative blending of animation, live action, and special effects into a unique personal style that has seen him invited to create videos for the likes of John Grant, Anna Meredith and Stealing Sheep. His video for Diagrams’ ‘I Tell Myself’ is no exception. The visuals begin in gently reflective mood before the viewer is taken on a kaleidoscopic journey of spinning molecules, popping ping pong balls and high flying drone aeronautics perfectly fitted to the expanding soundscape of the song.

Diagrams’ Sam Genders said of the video: “I’m a huge fan of Ewan’s videos so it’s been a real treat to work with him. The song is partly about accepting all those millions of thoughts and perceptions that move through our consciousness from moment to moment. The video is full of colour and light and has that sense of everything constantly changing.

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