Morcheeba’s latest single, “Even Though”, sees the original three back together with Skye Edwards joining Paul & Ross Godfrey for their seventh studio album “Blood Like Lemon”. This latest single stands as a prelude to the album which is out on the 7th June.

In my eyes, seeing these three back together is a return to form for the band. Don’t take me the wrong way, I’ve enjoyed Morcheeba since the beginning, but most notably those first two albums and the two that followed made a lasting impression on me.

They encapsulated the essence of chill out music, music that’s made entwined with emotion. For me, no matter what the situation or the state of mind, those tracks induced immediate relaxation. Wherever I was in my world, I could drift away into the land of Morcheeba.

Skye’s lustre vocals tell the story of an astronaut’s dying thoughts as he drifts away from the earth and out into the great abyss of space. Looking back at the beauty of the earth, he reflects on why we’re still killing each other and destroying our planet when it’s such a beauty to behold. Painting the prefect picture with her words, the boys provide instrumental guitar led back work……

Seven albums and still strong, it’s nice to have the original trio back together. This is the perfect accompaniment for a hazy summer’s day.




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Release Date 24/05/2010 (PIAS Records)

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