For those not fully ensconced in Eurovision, this is another bumper week of releases. Once the votes are in from the Silent Radio jury, we will be waxing lyrical in greater depth about some of these elsewhere in the reviews section but here is our concise guide: 

BC Camplight – The Last Rotation of Earth

A heady, heavy slice of lustrous hooks, moods bursting with classical sophistication and fractured paranoia responding to the break-up of the relationship with his fiancé.

House of All – House of All

Former Fall members Hanley, Hanley, Bramah, Wolstencroft and Greenway form new band and the result is the sonic delight all fans would be hoping for.

Softee – Natural

Snazzy collection of songs influenced by R&B, funk, hip hop, and the pure melodrama of 80s pop, not to mention her guides: Robyn, Little Dragon, and Janet Jackson.

Suarasama – Timeline

Reissued 2013 album – hypnotic and joyful, progressing ancient North Sumatran music concepts while referencing the music of adjacent ethnic traditions.

Helen Money & Will Thomas – Trace

Cellist and composer Helen Money and producer composer Will Thomas join forces for a collaborative album. Both masters at creative evocative, emotional atmospheres Helen has previously worked with Steve Albini amongst others and Will has previously composed for TV and film.

Eluvium – (Whirring Marvels in) Consensus Reality

Modern composer with fully orchestrated album inspired by writings of T.S.Eliot & Richard Brautigan.

Oval – Romantiq

Pioneering producer turning his inquisitive ear and singular imagination to an omnipresent and yet oft ill-defined, even maligned area of music and art – the romantic.

Island of Love – Island of Love

London band that marries primal noise led by crunchy guitars with intrinsically melodic sensibilities – recalling the sound and spirit of peak-era Dinosaur Jr. or Husker Dü with impressive energy.

Bibi Club – La Soleil et la Mer

Montreal duo who describe their sound as “living-room party music”, its 8 songs are as likely to get you up on the dancefloor, as they will provide a laid-back and languorous listening experience. Sung bilingually in French and English, it’s an album that weaves through knotty electronica to lo-fi slacker-pop, hushed chamber-pop to louche psychedelia.

Aria Rostami – Thirsty Moon

A collection of longing and gently gritty meditations for tape loops, piano and recontextualized old recordings, responding to sobriety, chaos and environmental disaster

Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention

Debut solo album from synth pop visionary showcasing her disco & house influences.

Black Spiders – Can’t Die Won’t Die

Heavy guitar music from the sin city streets, with three chords and the truth.

Soft Cell – Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret…And Other Stories Live

Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in 2021 at show to celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary.

Jonas Brothers – The Album

The GRAMMY Award-nominated powerhouse trio and producer Jon Bellion have come together to craft sky-scraping anthems with widescreen scope, wild personality, and palpable intimacy.

The Flowers of Hell – Foray Through Keshakhtaran

Championed by Lou Reed & bearing the influence of Alice Coltrane, Brian Eno, Sun Ra.

The Early Purple – Summer Hide EP

Debut release from Matt Saxon who produces a podcast about music and nature. The EP comprises five spellbinding alternative-folk and chamber-pop songs Inspired by the politics, people, and the natural world he knows.

Harriet – The Outcome

Singalong, sweetly melodic, long-in-the-making second album. It’s music in the tradition of the Seventies singer-songwriters that Harriet grew up loving, with her golden voice evoking no less than Karen Carpenter.

 Ane Brun – Songs 2013 – 2023

Compilation of 16 tracks taken from Norwegian artist’s releases over the past decade mixing electronics and orchestration as well as uplifting sentiments and comfortingly melancholic melodies.