Mr Ben & The Bens

Mr Ben & The Bens bring news of a new six-track EP ‘Melody Shed’ released May 21st via Bella Union. Alongside it comes its a first track titled ‘How Do I Get To You?’

Speaking about the track, band-leader Ben Hall says:

“This is the song that completely changed the course of the entire EP. The songs were originally written to be played totally acoustic, and when I got to the studio I laid all the songs down live with just a nylon guitar and a couple of mics. Listening back they were just begging for more melodies so bit by bit more instruments were added until this song became this kind of warped folk power-pop stomper. Lyrically it is written from the perspective of someone on a bad trip trying to find their way home. The Crux of the narrative is that point that occurs when you are tripping sometimes that your brain just snaps back to engaging with reality and you solve those non-existent problems that were troubling you the whole time.”

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