It’s no hardly a secret anymore that synth is where it’s at these days. The 80s have had a full fledged revival and the accompanying beat driven steamrollers are all encompassed in anything from indie to electro to house to funk. You could say, the only thing missing is a pioneer for the Minneapolis sound 2.0.

Meanwhile, here’s ‘Meanwhile’, the latest addition to Fiction Records’ already impressive roster from Elbow to Crystal Castles. Described as a singer, producer and film composer, he’s a clear supporter of a futuristic funk sound, as his debut track ‘Luvletta’ shows.

Kicking off with a signature juddery synth riff with thumping electronic drum beats, a comparison to early Prince is easily made. Throw in some robotic, high pitched harmonies and a good dose of reverb to engulf his vocals, you would find it hard to guess that the track was written in a small town just off the M3.

Taking his inspiration from film scores of the likes of Danny Elfman, Tim Burton’s long-time collaborator, he started out in his bedroom playing around with soundtrack pieces by setting ‘Luvletta’ to the explosive fight-scene from Korean revenge Thriller ‘Oldboy’, but quickly moving to controlled productions of solo material, reminiscent of the way Gorillaz came to be.

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