White Hills

Soup Kitchen and The Beauty Witch present
WHITE HILLS (Thrill Jockey Records)
Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets £8 Adv. (EXCL FEES)

White Hills are proponents of psychedelia as transformation. The music made by Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in dystopian futurism and hyper-conscious of society’s constant desire for a new and better drug. That progressive aesthetic is at the heart of White Hills’ newest album Walks For Motorists, a radically stripped-down record that emphasizes rhythm and groove. The album bursts forth with a new kind of intensity, one born out of laser-focused precision and detail-oriented songwriting. Possibly surprising to fans familiar with the Hawkwindian guitar squall of earlier albums, the songs on Walks For Motorists began as a keyboard melody or bass line, and several songs on the album don’t even feature guitar at all. This is propulsive, open music, surreal to its core but made to inspire people to get out of their seats and move.  Watch their new video for ‘Attack Mode’ below.

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