Following the release of their debut AA single ‘The Mound/Disappear’, Girls in Synthesis have now shared their new video for ‘Disappear’.

The video for ‘Disappear’ puts the band into a vulnerable and humiliating position. The ‘tidy mess’ of the video represents the isolated and hands-tied emotion of the songs narrator, being forced to accept vivid and amorphous baggage of the past, but never to experience it again. Directed by Camile Leme Nelson and choreographed by ZOOFAN and Bea Dewhurst the video was filmed in one single take. Hours of preparation advanced the short filming time of 4 minutes, one false move and the video would have been blown.

The release represents the band’s first ever recordings, capturing their live energy and relentlessness. ‘Disappear’ sees the band apply a metronomic, lopsided groove to their splintered, tearing guitars. The heavy and driving bass riff that underpins the song anchors a deceptively sparse arrangement. The lyrics focus on an individual’s nostalgia for past glories; torturing themselves with vivid memories of their once high status. The confinement and claustrophobia cutting with every lonely, bleak afternoon at home.

Thur 13th April: The Phoenix, Coventry, UK
Fri 14th April: The Garibaldi Hotel – Northampton, UK
Thur 04th May: The Victoria, London, UK
Fri 02nd June: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton, UK
Fri 30th June: Some Weird Sin, Nambucca – London, UK (w/Thee MVP’s)

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