Following the release of their fifth studio album, UK band The Wave Pictures have announced a limited edition 10” vinyl for Record Store Day as a support to the independent movement that they have grown from.

Entitled ‘Helen’, the six-track EP will continue the trio’s taste for songs of contrast. Be it with bright tropical guitar rhythms on ‘Red Cloud Road (Part 1)’ or hoedown tuned blues for a track called ‘The Easter Parade’, it is filled with trademark guitar parts and Pavement-esque lyrics provided by frontman Dave Tattersall.

With their previous effort, the double album called ‘City Forgiveness’, building on a six week touring trip around America with Allo Darlin’, it comes as no surprise that The Wave Pictures are set on continuing to make a name for themselves the old fashioned way: with loads of gigs and top notch songwriting.

Having just finished a non-stop 17 date tour stint through the UK, the band is set to play London’s Islington Assembly Hall on April 18th. To accompany this with some new school tricks, Tabitha Denholm shot a captivating short-film of a Louisiana trail riding community at a local dance party in slow-motion, set to album closer ‘Like Smoke’.

‘Helen EP’ Tracklist

1. Helen

2. Red Cloud Road (Part 1)

3. One by One (Electric)

4. The Easter Parade

5. Coconut Tree

6. Lea Bridge Roundabout

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