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So, here’s the promised party. After the circumspect ‘Brushes With Happiness’, The Wave Pictures are back on the road with the joyous ‘Look Inside Your Heart’, a spontaneous bunch of songs to celebrate long-term friendships and long-live-drunken-parties. You listen to their new album and suddenly wish you could be part of that brotherhood, not to mention joining those drinking bouts full of fun and cigarettes (as we all know by now, crucial in any love therapy, right?). As in previous episodes, expect everyday pictures that certainly make a difference as a whole. They highlight the mundane, with its lights and shadows, which gives us hope, or some kind of solace, at least.

The prolific band has referred to electric folk to describe their music, but they also pay tribute to the roots of blues and classic rock n’ roll –take catchy tunes such as ‘House By The Beach’ or the cowboy blues ‘Brian’. Moreover, they add all the beautiful nonsense that comes along with improvisation. Thus, they are also genuinely punk, too.  Recorded late at night in a mad jam session at the Booze Cube Studio (Stoke Newington), this is a totally hand made album. No computers of any kind allowed in this party, sorry. Not tonight.

The opening track ‘Roosevelt Skyes’ is firstly introduced by giggles –real giggles, not the (bloody) canned ones! It’s an endearing homage to the above-mentioned piano blues maestro, as well as to friends, dreams “and all firemen”, according to singer and guitarist Dave Tattersall. “Musically, (it’s) an African pop party in the vein of Zimbabwe’s The Four Brothers and The Bhundu Boys, but done with absolutely no puritanical slavery at any kind of authenticity or even accuracy”, he explains. Judging by the music video (below), it is also an invitation to happy-go-lucky dancing. Howlin’ wolves take their part in the cheeky ‘Dodge City Blues’, which ends with more giggles and self-praise: “Got it!”. Happily ironic, sweet and sharp, ‘Sugar’ softens tunes like ‘Shelley’, a heartbreaking, smooth parade. Speaking of heart-wrenching songs, take ‘I Came To You Once’. What a gem! So neat, so delicate. A true love song –and there are not as many as you could think.  It’s a minimal ballad about a friendship/love that now seems to be gone, as Tattersall sings in desperately –but still, stoic- past voice: “I came to you once/and I did my best”. Still, he’s glad he did. So, is there any kind of happy ending, maybe?  By the way, mind the weird, old cabaret piano ending.

‘Goodbye Spiderman’ also seems a farewell song that sounds fairly optimistic despite everything. No strings (or spider web) attached. Whisky and “Yei-yei-yei” singing. “Drums solo!”, shouts Tattersall. That was fun. More self-praise for an epic final shout: “Perfect!”. That is: Humans 1 – Robots 0.  ‘Close Your Eyes Mike’ has this beautiful harmonica sound, which is always a safe bet, isn’t it? Great choice adding female voices on the chorus of ‘Look Inside Your Heart’, also embellished with a skilled guitar solo. In fact, guitars –along with its witty lyrics, are key for maybe to sugary melodies (i.e. ‘Tell Me That You Weren’t Alone’ or ‘Hazey Moon’).

“So the blues player, he ain’t worried and bothered, but he’s got something for the worried people”. That Roosevelt Sykes’ quote perfectly describes The Wave Pictures spirit. In a nutshell, don’t expect accuracy but laid-back talent…. So have a look inside your heart. I’m sure you’ll find them.

Look Inside Your Heart Release Date 9th November 2018 (Moshi Moshi Records)

Check the forthcoming UK Tour dates:
22 Nov – London (UK) @ KOKO
8 Dec – Paris (FRA) @ Point Fmr
18 Jan – Edinburgh (UK) @ Summerhall
19 Jan – Glasgow (UK) @ CCA Saramago Cafe Bar
20 Jan – Newacstle (UK) @ Cobalt Studios
21 Jan – Leeds (UK) @ Brudenell Social Club
27 Jan – Guildford (UK) @ The Boiler Room
28 Jan – Oxford (UK) @ The Jericho Tavern
29 Jan – Bristol (UK) @ Exchange
30 Jan – Birmingham (UK) @ Hare and Hounds
31 Jan – Chester (UK) @ Telford’s WarehouseS
1 Feb – Manchster (UK) @ Soup Kitchen
2 Feb – Cardiff (UK) @ Clwb Ifor Bach

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