Hinds on “Finally Floating” video:

“maybe you know, maybe you don’t know, but we’ve been born and raised in Madrid and she’s definitely the best city of the world. so for this second album it’s was a must to have a music video showing a little bit of the streets, and Wiisa came out with the idea of the bikes and we loved it. Ana didn’t know how to ride one so she had to practice with her roommate the day before shooting lol. i love the way this video is more tranquile than the others, giving a more chilled vibe for such a apotheosic song.”

Wiissa on “Finally Floating” video:

“We’ve been wanting to work with Hinds for a very long time, and the fact that we got to shoot this in their hometown, Madrid, made it even better! For the video, we wanted to capture Hinds’ amazing dynamic, and, more importantly, their friendship — they have such a sweet and genuine friendship, which you really feel when you meet them. We wanted to show their hometown, and were inspired by a few 70s films, in which teens carelessly spend their days exploring the city on bikes or mopeds.”

Tour Dates:
15/04 SWG3 Glasgow
17/04 Gorilla Manchester
18/04 The Fleece Bristol
19/04 Electric Brixton London
20/04 Concorde 2 Brighton

Hinds debut album I Don’t Run is out now on Lucky Number Music

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