The Norwegian electronic pop collective Young Dreams return with a new electronic pop single ‘Sinner (I’m Sorry)’, out now on Blanca Records. This summery jam is their first new material since 2013’s Spellemann Prize-winning debut album Between Places (Modular).

Musically fusing 70s and 90s RnB with contemporary elements and produced with Burt Bacharach’s lounge melodies, trap music and the best two boybands (The Beach Boys and Backstreet Boys, naturally), the new track is a playful release with effervescent undertones. Young Dreams’ latest track was written in L.A, inspired by the city sky line.

Founder of the Young Dreams five-piece, Matias Tellez, tells the story behind the song: “Last spring I rented a house in LA. It had this old upright piano in the living room. It must have been from the 19th century or something. Huge metal frame with rusty strings, that seemed to never have been changed since they put it in a Westworld kinda salon. It wasn’t 100% in tune, slightly off but right. One evening as I was looking out over the LA city sky line these words came into my head and I started repeating them. «Take, take me to the river. I need grace, cause baby I’m a sinner» I rushed over to the piano and started playing to the words. I picked up my phone and put it on record. About 15 minutes later I had written all the music for the song. I started programming some drums and instruments on my laptop, and had a nice demo of it later that evening. I sent it to Rune (vocalist) and asked if he could fill in with the missing lyrics. He added some slick but regretting Marvin Gaye-esque lyrics to it. On the money. When I came home to my studio in Norway I recorded and mixed the final version. It’s a pretty [modern] sounding track. It’s kinda ironic that our most modern track to date was written on an instrument that was built while Napoleon was running around.

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