The Orielles - Jobin EP

The Orielles – Jobin EP

Halifax surf-pop trio The Orielles have been making a name for themselves over the past few months thanks to sets at festivals like Dot To Dot and Carefully Planned, not to mention their sugary harmonies and fuzzy guitars. Their debut EP Jobin is being released on excellent DIY record label Art is Hard. Even better, it’s being released as a 7″ flexidisc and 20 page colouring book illustrated by Alex Gamsu Jenkins.

Title track and single ‘Jobin’ opens with a fanfare of guitars, a roll of drums and a celebratory “woo!” that reverberates around, straight into the simple chorus “No I don’t even want to know now brother/No I don’t even want to know now sister”. Whether it’s a reference to the relationship between sisters Esme and Sid Hand-Halford isn’t clear. Everything is kept fuzzy and vague like the best dream pop. Tight harmonies and a slightly retro jangle bring to mind the Raveonettes’ more sedate moments .

Things are slowed down slightly for second track ‘Twin Freaks’ which could be a lost Breeders track. It all revolves around a circular riff and the yearning, sighing, wordless vocals, all wah-oh’s and ooh-ah’s. The result is a pleasantly dizzying haze that leads nicely into the final track, and EP highlight ‘Sliders’. The pace picks up, the fog clears and the songwriting gets more straightforward. The classic verse-chorus-verse structure feels surprisingly refreshing g

iven the haze of the previous two tracks. There’s such a distinctive surf pop sound on show between the three tracks that feels very accomplished for such a young band who have been around for such a short time. You can feel the sun dappling through the trees already; let’s just hope that summer lasts long enough this year that they’re playing to a sea of sunglasses rather than a beach of brollies at this year’s festivals.

Release Date 1st April 2016 (Art Is Hard Records)


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