Here is our roundup of the releases sneaking out on Easter Friday.

High Llamas        Hey Panda         

Their 11th studio album which combines Sean O’Hagan’s love for the music of J Dilla with his capacity for sumptuous melodies and ridiculous chord changes.

Chastity Belt      Live Laugh Love

On which the band refine their trademark sound: lush intertwining guitars, meticulous rhythms, a careful balance of melancholy and optimism.

Rage      Afterlifelines    

21-song double album from German metal band, the first CD consisting of tracks recorded as a trio, the second including orchestral arrangements.

Various                 Moving Away From The Pulsebeat         

5CD, 105 track boxset tracking post-punk from 1978-81 including the likes of Scritti Politti, Echo and the Bunnymen, Scars, Slits, XTC.

The Secret Sisters            Mind, Man, Medicine   

The fifth album from the Grammy nominated siblings sees a guest appearance from Ray LaMontagne and sees them reflect on raising children, nurturing relationships, surviving a world-changing virus, bidding farewell, shifting our mindsets and discovering a sense of peace heretofore unseen.

Halo Maud          Celebrate           

A seamless mix of French and English; analogue electronics, scratchy guitars and tumbling drums; dream pop, woozy Yé-Yé and 1960s and 2020s psychedelia.

Nina Simone      Blackbird – The Colpix Recordings (1959-1963) 

8 CD boxset which takes her through torch songs, gospel and folk.

Ellie Bleach         Now Leaving West Feldwood EP

Songwriter with an EP that is an anthology of characters who all reside in the same town, with each of the five main tracks told from the perspective of a different character.

Vial        Burnout              

Trio whose styles mixes indie rock with punk and soaring melodic hooks.

Jim White           All Hits: Memories         

The debut solo album from drummer known for his work as part of Dirty Three and Xylouris White as well as with the likes of PJ Harvey, Bill Callahan and Cat Power.

Arushi Jain          Delight

Composer who introduces cello, classical guitar, marimba, flute, and saxophone plus rich Indian classical vocals, all layered with modular synthesis, to expand her sonic vocabulary to a lush textural landscape.

Frail Body            Artificial Bouquet           

The embodiment of “screamo;” their songs are lamentations about nihilism, death, anxiety, existentialism and hopelessness of existence in modern American society.

Mumbles            In the Pocket of Big Sad

Manchester experimental power trio with an album produced by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier.

Nico       The Marble Index and Desertshore        

Vinyl and CD reissues of her second and third albums courtesy of Domino.

Dent May            What’s For Breakfast     

Pop auteur with a vibrant palette of sunshine pop.

Texas and Spooner Oldham         The Muscle Shoals Sessions       

An album featuring reimagined versions of 12 of Texas’ greatest hits, and two covers (“Would I Lie To You” by Charles and Eddie and “Save The Last Dance” by The Drifters)

Urvanovic           Let’s Not Be Here            

A record veering between dense, wall-of-noise synthesis and abstract soundscapes – further embellished by colourful string arrangements, theatrical vocals, and orchestral percussion –

You Said Strange              Trade Your Soul EP         

French psychedelic noise pop quartet.

Carme Lopez      Quintela             

Bagpipe drone album from Spanish performer, teacher and researcher of traditional Galician oral music who attempts to decontextualise the instrument in order to elevate a personal approach, and to leave behind its male-dominated past.

Gavin King          Skeleton             

Frontman of Bristol punks Private Dicks with debut solo album consisting of eight tracks of dark, catchy, post-punk angst.

Creation Rebel  High Above Harlesden: 1978-2023         

6CD anthology from the On-U-Sound house band showcasing crucial early production work from the mixing desk of Sherwood, and a tribute to the working-class area of North-West London where the band started out.

Grant Summerland         Unnatural History II EP 

A five track EP showcases a harsher guitar and ambient sound presenting a darker and more mature soundscape alongside Pop-punk melodies soaked in reverb.

Quiz Show          Flotsam EP         

Band led by Chris Matthews of Shudder To Think.

Niamh Bury        Yellow Roses    

Listeners can hear a diverse range of influences from artists as varied as Fiona Apple, Bright Eyes and Paul Simon, as well as the amalgam of folk, classical and alt-rock music that formed such an integral part of her childhood.

Blu Detiger         All I Ever Want Is Everything      

Debut album from bassist who has lent her talent to Bleachers (with whom she appeared on Saturday Night Live), Chromeo, Olivia Rodrigo, Dominic Fike, Caroline Polachek and FLETCHER, among others.