Robbing Millions. Photo credit – Judith Williquet

Robbing Millions – the project of Belgian avant-pop musician Lucien Fraipont – has announced the release of his second album ‘Holidays Inside’, via MGMT Records, in collaboration with [PIAS]. Listen to the album’s first single, ‘Camera’, below.

About the song, which features Halo Maud’s backing vocals, Fraipont says:

“‘Camera’ is the last-minute track I wrote for the new record. The mood I was in at the time was probably inspired by the hardware store I used to pass by every day near my house, the lame veranda commercials every Belgian kid has seen too many times on TV, the struggle and obsession of lots of people around me trying to buy a place of their own and the talks about the renovations that go with it. It’s also about the urge we feel to document every single event in our lives by filming it nowadays.”

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