Album number four, ‘Pack Your Bags, The Sun Is Growing’ is a genuine down to earth album which is definitely worth your time., even if you may initially feel it’s out of your genre comfort zone, stick with it! Their sound keeps you in a meditative state of mind, just listen to “Halo on The Interstate” and you will get where I’m coming from.

It’s the perfect way of relaxing your emo friend when the angst gets too much, as the energy of ‘Pack Your Bags The Sun Is Growing’ just has a naturally calming effect on even the most uptight metalhead. The album title perfectly reflects the whole mood of the album – pack your bags, go outside, get ready for the summer, and don’t be a bed-bug hiding in your room all day (I promise I’m not trying to sound like a dad at all!)

Well-crafted instrumentals shine straight through the record – never forget there is an emotional side to all this sunshine. You cannot have the sun without the raindrops. “Postcard” is a track that manages to pull out an emotional side to Bedbug’s chilled out sound, whilst firmly residing in an acoustic laidback headspace. It’s also a track which brims with nostalgia, a sudden jump back to those easier times in your life, yet also has that kind of gloom which reminds me of other bands like Snail Mail – indie, bedroom pop artists who stand for a nuanced level of authenticity. 

Bedbug have also incorporated some more electronic sounds into the mix, which compliment the more natural easy going sounds, bird noises and distorted conversations, all of which could reflect what it is like going on a midday stroll to wherever the wind takes you – blending the noise and mixed array of your surroundings. Beautiful. 

Even simply listening to these songs, makes me feel as though I was there at their creation, even though they are merely being sang to me. It feels like I’ve been given access to a secret, like as if I am in on something, and that’s a unique and  lovely song writing talent to have.

There has to be a message to be picked out after listening and although I can’t grasp what it is, I know I needed Bedbug’s gentle music – at this moment it was just everything that mattered to me. Bedbug can also veer towards a funky, bright sound with a strong beat pulsating throughout the record, which, given the album’s style and tone, unquestionably pays off handsomely. 

An absolutely amazing fourth record, and I can’t wait to see Bedbug’s extraordinary ability soar to stardom.