Breaking out of a Scouse drinking pit, from the remnants of SSS, Iron Witch and The Bendal Interlude, it’s Video Nasties! The house band to John Carpenter have unleashed their ferocious debut. The ideal listening material for a night of whisky, eerie atmosphere and a severe lack of interest in a well-lit room, this is ‘Dominion’.

This is really good. 2020 has offered some very enjoyable releases. Add ‘Dominion’ to the list. For what could be deemed as a dead horse beating gimmick of marrying heavy metal and horror together, this works. It blends well! Frankly, better than my memories of seeing Wednesday 13, with his on the nose “hey mate, do you get it? Spoooooky, blah!”. My reasoning to be impressed with the horror esc influence, is I feel that without looking at an album cover. Yes, I am aware of the band, where they came from (parts unknown folks), but there’s a gloom laden vibe laced throughout ‘Dominion’.

It rides on, throughout the night! Jeff Walker (Carcass) inspired vocals is always welcome when done well. Musically, its solid. Clearly two years of writing, shows and prepping for this release are obvious. ‘Hanging Tree’, ‘Viva Death’ and ‘Stabbing Nightmare’ are floor filling massacres for an audience to reap the rewards from.

We are in a very healthy UK scene for metal right now. Get these lads in the mix. No longer do English bands offer up a mimic of an American counterpart. We’re getting our own tinge of great releases, that they good ol’ US of A need to listen to us. Stick ‘Dominion’ in your shopping basket or streaming service. Then make time for when they come by to play a show. The B-movie ghost riders are coming to fill your soul with heavy duty goodness. Then take it before daylight.

Video Nasties: Dominion – Out Now (APF Records)