Tottenham-based four-piece Our Mother – consisting of John Hartley, Paul Kowalewski, Liam Garrett and Joseph Charlton – release their debut EP A.O.B. on 29th April 2016 via Lucky Number. Today the band share the video for ‘Surprise Machine’, a track they describe as “a techno-pop song made of indiscernible instrumentation.”

Directed by Josh Fletcher and Max Smith, the stunning clip beautifully visualises the song, which is itself packed with Eno-esque ambience and myriad horns backed by digital horsepower. Charlton says of the video: “What we’d seen of Max’s before we really liked. He’s got a kind of Scandi-aesthetic — the look is quite cold and clear but there’s some latent menace too. We also wanted something relatively playful, which has come off really well in the end product.”

Co-director Fletcher adds: “Speaking with the band we were keen to make something that felt unapologetically from the British Isles and to explore the idea of tradition vs our modern way of life. With the repetition of both the “it’s happening again” line in the chorus and the bass pulsating away throughout the song, we immediately saw the potential to show this quite normal suburban existence, seemingly on repeat.”

A.O.B. EP is out 29 April 2016 via Lucky Number. Pre-orders for a super-limited, heavyweight 12″ can be made here.

Watch the video below:

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