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Gullivers is fast becoming one of my favourite Manchester venues. With its chandelier-esque light fixings, deep red walls and mustard coloured drapes, it feels like I’m in a David Lynch movie every time I go in.

Today, it plays host to an all-dayer presented by Manchester based lo-fi label Cheesus Crust Records. I arrive at Gullivers later on in the evening as I’m mainly here to catch headliners Johnny Foreigner.

Beforehand, I get to see one of my favourite up and coming two piece’s Playlounge. The London-based duo have been working hard on their debut album which gets released next month. Tonight we are treated to a set focusing on album tracks, which hypnotise the crowd with lush chords, fuzzy distortion and simplistic head nodding beats. It has a very punk-like energy with elements of shoe-gaze and garage and never seizes to make me smile.

Next up are cult emo two-piece Nai Harvest, who have just released a cracking EP giving them a glimmering, shoe-gazing indie rock makeover. Tonight they play most of the songs off the record which sound full, scuzzy and catchy, as well as a few classics from last year’s debut album which gets big sing-a-longs and plenty of arms in the air.

Finally we get to Johnny Foreigner, a band I have been following for a long time, never tiring from their unique blend of indie rock noise pop. The band have just released their fourth LP, You Can Do Better which is their most instant and cohesive set to date. The set tonight mainly leans on the new album, as to be expected, and sounds massive, particularly the slacker rocker hit ‘Wi-Fi Beach’ which is probably one of the best things they’ve ever done. Of course they chuck in some classics for good measure, first album staple ‘Salt, Pepper, Spinderella’ still sounds as fresh as it did, particularly as it reaches their mosh pit, creating a rock out climax.  There’s also a dude on stage doing live visuals which look awesome, lots of animation and drawings of Pacman ghosts (JoFo’s main logo) which help brighten up their already sprightly, colourful live show.

What I love about seeing JoFo live is that you never know what they’ll play next, as they have so many songs. But every time I see them, their live show never changes; they’re always loud, tight and full of energy and everyone goes mental regardless of what they play because people believe in JoFo. Although, I do sometimes have a break from them, I always come straight back and find myself in love with them a little more than before.

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Benjamin Forrester

I joined the Silent Radio family near the very start of my move to Manchester in 2012 and I'm still having the best time! During my stay here I've been in two noisy bands, had a not so noisy solo project, made a zine, started a blog and started a radio show. It's been productive to say the least and it's all been intersperse with a shit load of gig going and beer drinking. I would love it if you followed me on twitter @dr_brainless for excitable tweets about playing, watching and living new music.