Vaisseau are a synth/doom duo from Brest, France. Now that I have lost some of you with the word synth, what is this album and why did I listen to this album a few times. To start, I don’t know much about synth music and its current rise in popularity, but it seems to be about. With the likes of Carpenter Brut and Gost coming to mind, I can’t avoid thinking of 80’s films, with Blade Runner being the first. It just all sounds like an 80’s sci-fi soundtrack. But I have found something that draws me to Vaisseau’s debut ‘Horrors Waiting in Line’.

Because I am successfully moaning to myself ‘It all sounds the same!’ but have had repeat listens. Perhaps I’ve freed myself up, to allow the album to take me through it’s space age trek of a retro future, that by now should have come. It may just be distorting me enough, that my usual listening choice of four cats in a filing cabinet being thrown down a flight of stairs (aka grindcore) can take a break. In fairness, it’s generally a soothing scenario to give yourself. Break away from your comfy, well known sounds and venture the other direction. A different colour, the scent is deceptive, but inviting. By the time I’ve finished staring a hole into the wall, it resembles a cassette, the albums winding down. I am at a loss of the term ‘synth doom’ though. I’ve found with my cynicism, that the synth sound is very prominent and recognisable. It doesn’t really vary. So, is it not jus Synth music?? Very much enjoyed the song ‘Sonic Disclocation’. That pretty much did what it says. The unfamiliar really has separated myself from the usual music I listen too.
Is this any good? Well I enjoyed it for what it’s doing. A 36-minute synth space explosion. Has it made me more curious about similar synth acts out there? The eyebrows have raised a tad. But do I find myself needing more of this to fit in between my regular landslide of caustic heavy metal? No. good effort for a debut.

Horrors Waiting In Line – Out Now (Totem Cat records)