To celebrate World Sleep Day, here are a selection of releases to fulfil your wildest dreams.

Pete Astor           Tall Stories & New Religions      

Recasting some of the less expected songs from his forty-year career, both with The Loft and Weather Prophets as well as solo songs.

Sam Lee               Songdreaming 

Folk musician produced by Bernard Butler and utilising a range of instrumentation from double bass, percussion, and violin through to the Arabic Qanun, Swedish Nyckelharpa, small pipes, and more.

Pink Milk             Night on Earth  

Swedish dark wave/post-punk band drenched in reverb, making occult music inspired by the 80s.

Dorian Dumont                 to the APhEX    

On this album there are no electronics involved but Dumont carefully transcribes a wide selection of Aphex Twin’s music to grand piano, giving the songs a whole new dimension. Dumont starts from the melody lines and rhythmic structures found in the original tracks but builds on them, deconstructing pieces and adding his own improvisations.

Holly Humberstone        Work in Progress EP       

An EP containing four songs from uncut demos that represent older versions of herself “mixed up with present versions of me”.

The Dandy Warhols        Rockmaker        

Includes guest appearances from Frank Black, Debbie Harry and Slash while delving deeper into the minor guitar chords that often characterize post-punk, deep metal, and even goth.

Mortal Prophets               Sleeping in my Bed EP   

New EP from No Wave/Experimental avant-garde Folk Blues artist.

Necrophobic      In The Twilight Grey      

Swedish blackened death metal band taking an even deeper plunge into pitch black shadows.

Grieving               Everything Goes Right, All At Once         

A combination of insistent hooks and off-kilter power in equal measure – aggressive, unpredictable and full of sharp turns.

Gouge Away      Deep Sage          

Noise rock album recorded together to sound like five people playing in a room together and avoid sounding too polished.

Nick Hudson      Kanda Teenage Honey  

Avant pop artist with an album recorded primarily in Georgia under the shadow of war in Ukraine.

Alison Cotton    Engelchen          

Atmospheric album inspired by the story of Ida and Louise Cook, two remarkable women who helped arrange the paths of refugees out of danger in 1930s Nazi-occupied Europe.

Cosmorat            Evil Adjacent EP               

Sonically adventurous EP.  Most of it was written in a secluded cabin or in a basement with the aim of capturing the feeling of growing up in a crumbling world and making light of the fact that we are one to two degrees of separation away from tragedy.

Lloyd Wayne      Bird Beyond EP

Artist who blends the weird, the crude and the mischievous with gorgeous production. The result is an idiosyncratic soundscape that’s so poppy you’re sure you’ve heard it before

Vanderwolf        The Great Bewilderment             

A major rock record full of big emotions and adventurous songs.

Glas       Kisses Like Feathers       

The album weaves a tapestry of acoustic and electronic sounds, perfect for club vibes and intimate listening alike.

Hope Darling     ENSŌ    

A Florida-based rock quintet that blends passionate vocals, immersive melodies, and a full-band sound.

James Clarke Five            Zoom and the Gadflies 

Solo project of James Hughes produces story-driven or politically edged lyrics mixing classic baroque pop with strong melodies and distinctive chord changes, but with a more raw, guitar driven sound with overtones of glam rock and psychedelia.

Greywind            Anitdote EP       

Irish brother-sister emo duo with a self-released EP after their unsatisfactory experience with a major label.

Ellis Mano Band                Live Access All Areas     

Swiss blues rockers with a live double album that offers a cross-section of their three studio works.

Shadowdream                  Music For You To Die To

Jazz-rock artist offers an introspective journey, delving into the realm of pathology offices and autopsy rooms.

Noel      Headed North  

Debut EP from Stockholm-born artist whose vocal style has drawn comparison with James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi.

Kiss Bang             Horrors of your Hometown        

EP with a collection of timeless and catchy songs dealing with themes of romance, sex, uncertainty, tragedy and substance use.

Dragonforce       Warp Speed Warriors    

Extreme power metal pioneers with a reputation as the world’s fastest band.

Scott Stapp         Higher Power   

The fourth solo album from the voice of Creed features 10 tracks – including radio-ready anthems, introspective ballads, metal bangers and heavy rock triumphs.

Bedbug                 Pack your bags the sun is growing           

Sees their lo-fi/bedroom pop foundations (think Julia Brown & The Radio Dept.) expand to carry the energy and urgency of influences like Built to Spill & Cap’n Jazz.