Released in the fall of last year, Summer Camp brought a welcome shot of sunshine and irresistible pop nous with their sparkling debut album “Welcome to Condale”, a gorgeous collection of lushly melodic pop songs woven around a central narrative of an imaginary suburb deep in the heart of America.

“Losing My Mind” is one of the immediate standouts; a beautifully wrought song whose infectious melodies bely a darker lyrical undertow of relationship breakdown and heartache, as vocalist Elizabeth Sankey sings, “this house isn’t big enough for the both of us/ if you wanna leave, then I know you must”.

In addition, Summer Camp are also getting ready to hit the road in March, with a tour across the UK beginning in Bristol on the 13th and ending in their biggest London show yet, at the Scala. Make sure not to miss these dates.

“Welcome to Condale” is now available on Apricot Recording Company/ Moshi Moshi.


  1. Original
  2. Acoustic version
  3. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross remix
  4. Saint Etienne remix

Upcoming Live Dates


13 – Louisiana, Bristol

14 – The Rainbow, Birmingham

15 – Arts Centre, Norwich

16 – Night and Day, Man

17 – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

19 – The Harley, Sheffield

20 – Portland Arms, Cambridge

21 – Scala, London