The Guns N' Roses Experience

The Guns N’ Roses Experience


Whether you agree with it or not, tribute acts can actually be an absolute blast. You’ll never get the personal experience of watching a group on stage who looks, acts and sounds exactly like your favourite big band, stood only 10 feet in front of you for less than the price of an arm and a leg.

Well, I had to see what all the fuss was about. With tribute bands becoming more and more popular around these parts (Festwich, anyone? The UK’S #1 Tribute Band Festival), I figured it would be a laugh.

The Ritz hosts tonight’s affair with sparsely scattered onlookers getting into the groove as The Guns N’ Roses Experience hit the high notes with the first few covers of the night. ‘Live And Let Die’ gets the drummer out of his seat as ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ starts and the dad dancing begins. I’m telling you, air guitars everywhere. “I wanna hear you scream” yells Hungarian frontman Laz, the spitting image of Axl himself (despite one minor difference: You’ll Never Walk Alone tattooed round his arm). He points the mic at the unfazed crowd, who catch up with empty Wooooo’s. Laz makes a face and so do I. This crowd need to wake up. I think I was the only one who got involved.

Close your eyes and you’d think you were at a proper GnR show, or some parallel universe where they never got big and you’ve managed to catch their resurrection after a failed career. Whatever way you look at it,  these guys are just as good as the real deal – probably even better without the drama. Especially with their near-perfect rendition of ‘November Rain’, my all-time favourite tune. A spotlight shines on ‘Slash’, whose leather trousers are one size too big if he wants to kick it as a member of Guns N’ Roses. The whole Slash-in-front-of-a-church guitar solo scene from the music video is done well as he raises his guitar to the ceiling, followed by the brilliant building instrumentals of the song. The audience are enjoying this, it’s easy to tell. ‘You Could Be Mine’ and ‘Rocket Queen’ keep them rowdy and entertained as they zip through the back catalogue of GnR faves with ‘Paradise City’ taking the lead as the crowd’s favourite.

Tonight The Guns N’ Roses experience have covered it all during a 90 minute set and done a damn good job doing so. Not only does Laz play the piano, walk and talk like the real Axl, but his vocal range is absolutely incredible. The guys look like they’re having a good time and as far as talent on stage goes, these musicians have hit the nail on the head. They’re in your face from start to finish, just the way a Guns show should be.

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