It is a particularly fine week for new releases. Here is Silent Radio’s guide.

The Children’s Hour        Going Home      

Trio consisting of Josephine Foster, David Pajo and Andy Bar infusing elements of psychedelia and The Velvets, while the focus remains on Foster’s soulful voice and vivid lyricism.

Nadine Shah      Filthy Underneath           

Her first album since 2020’s Kitchen Sink chronicles a period of unprecedented turbulence in Nadine Shah’s life. but the music has renewed emphasis on placing melody and movement front and centre.

Laetitia Sadier   Rooting for Love              

The musical arrangements help to embody the layers of the issue, as with Who + What’s combination of organ, synths, guitar, bass, trombone, drum programming, vibraphone and zither, all working along intricate paths of chord and tempo changes, together with a vocal assembly known as The Choir.

Colouring            Love To You, Mate          

An album that lyrically explores Jack Kenworthy’s brother-in-law’s cancer diagnosis. Its musical palette mainly uses piano, drums, bass and whatever curio atmospherics the OP-1 synth sampler could muster.

Real Estate         Daniel  

Sixth album from Martin Courtney’s gentle melodic indie rock band.

Whitelands        Night-bound Eyes Are Blind To The Day 

Ostensibly a shoegaze band but with a different slant due to their musical backgrounds: Etienne played in a school band, Jagun used to sing in a choir and makes R&B, Michael dabbles in techno and Vanessa comes from the metal and punk scene.

Lair         Ngelus 

Indonesian soul-funk outfit produced by Go Kurusawa of Kikagaku Moyo present an album of deep social narratives and more intimate subject matters.

Mary Timony     Untame the Tiger           

Acoustic driven album reflecting upon the dissolution of a long-term relationship and the death of her parents.

Morgan Harper-Jones    Up To The Glass

Confessional dream-pop evoking influences which range from Maggie Rogers and Harry Styles, to Aldous Harding and St. Vincent, and back to Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.

Jazmin Bean       Traumatic Livelihood    

Non-binary, multi-disciplinary artist with emotionally laden album pays homage to nineties rock guitars and swooning strings.

Job For A Cowboy            Moon Healer    

Experimental death metal band with writing that is cryptic and elliptical–sounding, part Philip K. Dick, part Timothy Leary.

Laena Myers      LUV (Songs of Yesterday)            

Debut album from the genre-spanning composer, in-demand session player/singer (who has worked with John Frusciante, Jhené Aiko, Ty Segall, Shannon Lay and The Allah Las) and classically trained violinist.

Revival Season                  Golden Age of Self Snitching     

Act that takes the languid style of the Daisy Age and bringing it into our paranoid and panicked present day.

Maya Shenfeld                 Under The Sun 

A record of slowly evolving hypnotic electro-acoustic pieces that make canny use of repetition, space and silence to play with our very sense of time and our relationship to our surroundings.

Persher                 Sleep Well         

Heavy music mutations linking hardcore with hardware.

Erika de Casier  Still       

An idiosyncratic mix of luxuriant electronica and moonlit R&B with contributions from Blood Orange and Shygirl.

Whispering Sons              The Great Calm

Belgian five-piece layering synth upon synth to create a sound that is fragile yet textured.

The Body & Dis Fig          Orchards of a Futile Heaven      

Artists from the worlds of metal and electronics meet up to reimagine heavy music.

Allie X   Girl With No Face            

Artist who has written hits for BTS with a collection of songs characterised as angry, stubborn, honest, dry, melodramatic, fast, and indulgent.

Luca D’Alberto  In Our Hearts    

Italian composer/multi-instrumentalist with a symphony in three acts that pursues his research into the perfect balance between the neoclassical and electronic music forms.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum       Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of the Last Human Being    

Group that plays an arsenal of instruments ranging from the somewhat standard (drums, electric guitars, bass, electric violin) to the rare (bass harmonica, nyckelharpa, marxophone) to the homemade (Slide-Piano Log, Electric Pancreas, Pedal-Action Wiggler) and avoids easy categorisation.

Bastion Rose      Fade To Blue EP

The album blends ethereal soundscapes with powerful guitar riffs, all anchored by their fusion of soulful vocals, intricate guitar craftsmanship, and a dynamic rhythm section.

Jane Getter Premonition              Division World 

Band that has carved out a niche at the intersection of rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, and metal styles.

Monkey3             Welcome to the Machine            

Dark modern stoner and psychedelic rock album.

Borknagar           Fall        

Norwegian pioneers of avant-garde progressive black metal with a record where the fundamental theme is the fascination and appreciation of the very outskirts of life.

Thee Alcoholics                 Feedback           

London 5 piece formed by ex Hey Colossus member Rhys Llewellyn to produce mesmeric rock with swagger, warped into sci-fi shapes by the spirit and sonics of bass and sound system culture.

North Sea Echoes            Really Good Terrible Things        

Duo who co-founded Fates Warning deliver an album whose vocals are delivered with a sort of nostalgic sadness, and the guitar work is layered in such a way as to feel dreamlike. These are rich sonic landscapes, visiting places haunting, beautiful, spectral and secret.

Sedibus                 Seti       

Alex Patterson combines with fellow original Orb Andy Falconer to produce musical ambience on an album whose title stands for Search For Exterrestrial Intelligence.

Austrian Death Machine              Quad Brutal       

Delivering the band’s most heavy, breakneck riffage, non-stop pummelling rhythms and Ahhnold-approved ferocity.

PAT!i      Sahara 

Artist with a  sound in the borderland between vintage hard rock and modern rock, with experimental sounds and elements from hip-hop, rock and punk.

iDKHOW              Gloom Division

Project from Dallon Weeks, formerly of Panic! At The Disco enters a curious wonderland of his creative mind, as he opens a window into an album of technicolour nightmares, sprawling genre experimentation and unfettered invention.

Fran Ashcroft     The Songs That Never Were       

Album from producer who has worked at Abbey Road Studios and with Damon Albarn. He was also a member of original power-pop band The Monos.