Introducing this week’s charming selection of new releases.

Imperial Wax     Tranquilliser     

Band consisting of guitarist Pete Greenway, drummer Keiron Melling and bassist Dave Spurr, formerly known as the last and longest serving line up of The Fall release their second album showcasing a more complex style of song.

Chelsea Wolfe                   She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She      

An album flashes of late 90s / early 00s electronics, dark atmospherics, industrial textures, and metal; all threaded together by Wolfe’s expressive voice.

Helado Negro    Phasor 

An album named for and inspired by a visit to a complex synthesizer that creates music generatively with a vintage supercomputer brain and analog oscillators, it can create an infinite number of possibilities in sound sequences.

My Life Story     Loving You Is Killing Me

Produced by Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Patrick Wolf), who adds an electronic sheen to the epic pop stylings and playful lyricism of the Jake Shillingford masterminded project. It is a record that finds Shillingford asking the question “Is there a price to pay for unconditional love?

Declan McKenna              What Happened To The Beach?

Follow up to his second album, Zeros, which debuted at no.2 in the album charts.

Luke Sital-Singh                 Across The Evening Sky

Cover versions of ‘Moon River’ together with tracks by Fairport Convention, David Bowie, Sufjan Stevens, The Verve, Death Cab.

Madi Diaz            Weird Faith        

On Weird Faith, Diaz comes up against a problem that has dogged songwriters since time immemorial: how do you write about romance, or love, without making it sentimental or fake? For Diaz, the answer was to explore how anxiety-inducing — if not downright humiliating — falling in love can be.

Tyler Ramsey     New Lost Ages 

An undulating mix of indie, rock and folk stylings while Ramsey considers the notion of trying to find yourself amidst the white noise of modern society.

Infected Rain     Time     

Modern progressive metal band pay homage to every fleeting second, every heartbeat, and every breath that has led us to this moment.

Loving   Any Light            

Subtly powerful and emotionally affecting songs born from moments of serendipitous inspiration: a spontaneously composed poem, a long-forgotten voice memo, an uncannily pertinent book unearthed in their studio space.

Sea Power          Do You Like Rock Music?             

15th anniversary reissue of their Mercury nominated album.

Itasca    Imitation of War              

A suite of smoky nocturnes and uneasy idylls urgently surveying mythologies and psychologies both classical and personal.

Takida                   The agony flame             

One of Sweden’s most successful current rock bands

Haystack              Doomsday Goes Away  

A three-piece band influenced mainly by Unsane but also other Noise-rock/Fucked-up punk-rock three-piece bands like: Hammerhead(US), NoMeansNo, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Bitch Magnet, Melvins, Dinosaur Jr, Wipers and Dead Moon.

Shygirl  Club Shy              

EP featuring a brand-new collection of cuts focused squarely at the club.