Heavy Lungs


After hearing much hype over Heavy Lungs over the past six months, supporting Idles and listening to their two EPs, I felt like this was the last time I would see them in a small intimate venue such as the Castle Hotel.

The hype before the gig is great, I have friends here who have bought tickets to see them knowing they’re on the brink of success. I imagine they have a album ready to release/record and will play all our favourite festivals this year. I hear some geezer say “this is what punk’s needed for years”; personally I wouldn’t quite call them punk. Yet.

Before they walk on stage, we are witness to an absolutely monstrous set by Vulgarians, a band from my home city Hull, who play like they want what they have worked hard to achieve. Every note, drum hit and strum is smashed out as hard as they can. In a venue such as the Castle Hotel with its small capacity it can be hard to get a great sound but I suppose that’s punk, right?

And then it is time for Heavy Lungs. Check out their tune ‘Stutter’, belter, it’s a solid tune but then there are certain tunes I just think need the bass turning up and the vocals to be sang not shouted. The highlight is without doubt ‘Blood Brother’; as a man who has never understood Slaves, this song kicks in with the beat of a Slaves track but then blows you away.

It is a privilege to watch these lads but they’ve got some work to do on the their live sets in my opinion. Stop dancing, sing don’t just shout and remember you’re in a small venue not Reading’s Main Stage. They’re not going to though and that’s why I have got to admire their energy.

While standing there I see three parts of Heavy LungsIan Curtis, Kirk Hammett and a solid rhythm section. I’m not saying it doesn’t work but when the venue is already sold out, it would be cool to hear the lyrics I heard on the two EPs I’d listened to for weeks before.

I may just be watching the next big thing or maybe I’m watching a band who got to know the right bands at the right time and took creative inspiration from who are deemed heroes at the moment: Slaves, Idles etc.

They are without doubt about to go one of two ways, heroes or zeroes. I want them to be heroes. Hard work should pay off and it looks like they’ve put that in. Let’s give them a year and see if they’re headlining the Ritz, the venue they supported Idles at last year.

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