Mothers are pleased to unveil a new track from their forthcoming debut album – listen to ‘Copper Mines’ below…

The Athens, Georgia-based quartet will release their debut albumWhen You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired on February 26th, 2016. The band are comprised of Kristine Leschper (vocals/guitar), Matthew Anderegg (drums), Drew Kirby (guitar), and Patrick Morales (bass).

‘Copper Mines’ is another timely introduction to this fascinating US act who picked up much acclaim at last year’s CMJ conference in New York. It’s a slack-jawed peach of a tune that oscillates wildly, switching through the gears with ease and humming with vocalist Kristine Leschper’s distinctive vocal delivery.

‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ Tracklist:
1). “Too Small For Eyes
2). “It Hurts Until it Doesn’t”
3). “Copper Mines
4). “Nesting Behavior”
5). “Lockjaw”
6). “Blood-Letting”
7). “Burden of Proof”
8). “Hold Your Own Hand”

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