Marc Rebillet


Marc Rebillet aka “Loop Daddy” has gained a huge following through his bedroom performances on social media, even managing to post new tracks from hotel rooms as the tour goes on. His brand of comedic electro loops is getting an ever wider reach and the power of social media shows its might as it is packed in Yes’ Pink Room this evening.

It is hard to discuss particular songs played when talking about a Marc Rebillet show. Much of his work is off the cuff, created in front of your eyes for your ears only (unless of course the performance is posted to YouTube, as many of Marc’s shows are). Think Beardyman or Reggie Watts, but without the beatboxing. His setup seems simple: a loop station, MIDI keyboard, microphone and laptop, but if you have a laptop that includes such a plethora of virtual instruments and you have a discerning artist to wield it, the possibilities are endless.

Marc starts early with crowd interaction as he is asked if he will move in with an audience member. He manages to conjure a full track based on this, complete with bass drops and comedic twists and turns, finalising in not being able to move in as he forgot his toothbrush. This skit recurs throughout the show, in a further track it is asked if she would still like him to move in if he has herpes. She is not perturbed.

Marc does not just do improvisational songs. The performance does combine these with crowd favourites, including the fast, dirty ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ which can be found on his 2017 album Loop Daddy. This sends everyone here into a frenzy. ‘In Out’ is another popular track that makes an appearance, after having been unveiled on social media only a few months ago. It is a song that perfectly encapsulates his ability to create great sounding, technical electronic music and mix it with brilliantly comedic ramblings. He is a master at the craft but avoids the trait often found in electronic music of taking himself seriously. He keeps the fun alive in music.

For closing tracks, a vote is cast. But it’s an obvious choice, with ‘Summertime’ gaining a roar of approval from the crowd. It’s not quite over yet as we are treated to one final song with another gem, ‘Reach Out’. Marc’s non-stop hyperactive movement is contagious, and the big screen placed at the back of the stage at Yes tonight is a great adage to see his crazy smooth dancing in multiple close up angles. But, with these closing tracks the screen becomes invisible as a sea of dancing people floods all the way from the front to the back of the room.

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