In a recent interview, Travis Bonilla, pseudonym Quail Lungs, tells of a New Year bender which left him with a two day hangover not even weed could cure.  From the quality of the recordings which range from near inaudible to a whining assault on your senses you figure these tracks were made the wrong end of such a night.

Dum Dadadumb starts off well with some winter warming inspired lyrics but falls apart half way through and by the line, “If I had your refrain, I would sing it again and again” you find yourself wishing he lacks the refrain and that an end to the track is in sight.

You Can’t Believe In Anything, You Can’t Believe in Nothing, has a brilliant three minute build up to the lyrics but unfortunately what he delivers is a verse which is out of time and disappointingly disjointed.  You want to convince yourself this is deliberate but the end is so lazy you wonder if he just gave up or fell asleep playing.

Quail Lungs debut single is heart breaking; not because of his groaning gravelly voice or his pleading desperate lyrics; but because you feel that with just a little more work it could have been so much more.  His music echoes Bob Dylan and more recently Ray La Montage but lacks the lyrical genius and the careful thought needed for timeless tunes

Release Date 25/01/2010