Easy listening music is often mocked by some music snobs who only accept the highest echelon of music enter their eardrums and nothing less than challenging is considered ‘good music’. Pinegrove is very much an easy listening band, as the term goes. Their formula of indie, country and folk with stripped down instrumentation is very much in line with other artists such as Mumford and Sons or even Phoenix, now with a country flavour.

Marigold, their latest album is still very much this although there are some surprises within their latest piece of work. This soulful yet optimistic album hits all the right notes, sometimes twice. With eleven tracks to work with the three- piece band from New Jersey, they consistently leave the listener satisfied. Tracks such as ‘No Drugs’, which sees the lead singer abstaining from substances to try to become happier, is slightly on the nose but charming. Other tracks such as the low key ‘Hairpin’ which is a quietly optimistic track and ‘Alcove’ serve as quieter moments on the album, whereas ‘Phase’ is strong right out of the gate and has more energy than the Duracell bunny along with one of the lead singles ‘Moment’ serve to show the variety on the album.

The one big surprise on the album is the closing track, simply titled ‘Marigold’ it is a six minute instrumental track which is immensely serene, and conjures images of sitting by a peaceful lake and genuinely impressed me, and was a refreshing left turn after the American twang of the lead singer’s vocals, offers a few minutes of closing calmness.

Pinegrove have once again struck lucky with an immensely likeable album full of easy going but meditative tunes, if your having a quiet night in, put on some Pinegrove, and relax.

Pinegrove: Marigold – Out 17th January 2020 (Rough Trade Records)

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