Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – So, why after two years (-1 day) have I decided to dust off my writing pad and make the time to review tonight’s gig? The simple answer, Sleaford Mods have excited me more than any other band in the last twenty plus years. As it happens, tonight’s support comes from Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life, Ignorant (who’s far from his moniker) was the frontman of a band... Read More


The Dandy Warhols – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – For some reason, now seems the right time to catch The Dandy Warhols live. Since being a fan of theirs when they were arguably at their peak, around the turn of the century, they have always remained in my thoughts largely due to the The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Ironically, The Dandy’s commercial success was responsible for my discovery of The BJM – a band who refuse in principle... Read More

LIVE: THE SONICS – 24/07/2015

The Sonics – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – The Sonics wrote, arguably, four of the greatest 60’s garage punk songs ever, Cinderella, Psycho, Strichnine and The Witch.  They wrote and covered a bunch of other fantastic songs during their short recording career in the mid-sixties and the influence of those songs and that band cannot be overstated.  The Cramps, The Dead Boys, Mudhoney, Nirvana,The Mummies, that whole 90’s garage punk scene,... Read More

LIVE: MODEST MOUSE – 07/07/2015

Modest Mouse – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – Tonight’s Modest Mouse show at The Ritz has effectively been delayed by two years. All of us who were due to attend their Summer 2013 show at the Academy had our tickets refunded, with the band explaining at the time that, rather than tour, they wanted to focus instead on making a follow-up to We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Said record featured Manchester’s own Johnny Marr, who was a full-time... Read More


Kurt Vile has announced details of a new album and new tour, including a Manchester date. b’lieve i’m goin down… has not been given an exact release date but is expected to be out on Matador Records sometime in the autumn. The album will be his sixth full length effort, and will follow 2013’s Walkin on a Pretty Daze. To coincide with the new album, he will embark on a world tour, starting in the US before reaching the UK in November. Vile... Read More


British Sea Power – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – British Sea Power are somewhat of a cult these days, a reputation for doing a lot for their fans, most of which are quite mad. Their online merchandise shop is, without doubt, one of the best in the world. They harbour the biggest range of band t-shirts known to man and they even have their own range of ‘British Tea Power’ mugs. They are the longest serving artist to be signed to Rough Trade... Read More

LIVE: MUDHONEY – 29/05/2015

Mudhoney – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – It is said that the good wines age well, and one could say just the same about Mudhoney. They practically look like the same guys of 20 years ago. Like Dorian Gray, but without the burden of selling out their souls. They’re not Chardonnay. Not at all. Their insanely invigorating gig at Manchester’s Ritz shows how healthy a mud bath can be from time to time. The real godfathers of grunge enter the... Read More

LIVE: THE MACCABEES – 13/05/2015

The Maccabees – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – When I was growing up and I had to listen to those Bible readings that turned me into an atheist, I only knew these Maccabees. Then, when I moved to Manchester to make Griffin and Farage happy, I started hearing about these other Maccabees, also because the other ones are not gigging any more. Before you start complaining, here’s my disclaimer: I am a Maccabee newbie, so please appreciate the freshness... Read More


Public Service Broadcasting – THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – The Ritz is decked out in spangled art deco. But in front, from a pulpit, dangles a rag. SF is picked out in gaffa taped juxtaposition. It’s the moniker of opening act Smoke Fairies; a five piece who richly deserve their mention. Two frontwomen harmonise in tones smooth enough to make hard men soft. They stand light and dark; blonde picked out in blue, brunette in white blonde light.... Read More


Ahead of their gig at The Ritz in Manchester, and after a brief tour of the backstage area looking for a place quiet enough to do an interview, Silent Radio’s Adam Smith spoke to Wolf Alice bassist Theo Ellis and Drummer Joel Amey in the dressing room being shared by support bands Crows and The Magic Gang while Crows were on the stage sound checking. ******* Wolf Alice You’ve just been in America for a month? Theo: We’ve just come... Read More

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