LIVE: FOXTALES – 17/09/2015

Foxtales – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – You know it’s going to be a good night when you’re greeted by friends with a free pint – the best kind of pint there is  – even if it’s infused with ham as this one was. Thankfully I’m not here for the pork beer, I am here to sample a bit of Manchester’s finely brewed emerging talent in the form of Foxtales. A band barely a year old, Foxtales have had a year of playing some of the best... Read More


The Boris Johnson Massacre – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Tonight at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen, we are in for something special. Not only is it the last gig of the year for psych favourites The Lucid Dream, but we are being treated to an amalgamation act known only as The Boris Johnson Massacre. Taking to the dimly lit stage, The Boris Johnson Massacre are made up of two members of shoegaze outfit Purple Heart Parade and five members... Read More

LIVE: WAND – 10/09/2015

WAND – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Our editor told me to use the word ‘magic’ in this review, so that’s that over with. Wand are a 4-piece from LA who are about to release their 3rd album in the space of 14 months. ‘Ganglion Reef’, on Ty Segall’s God? label, showcased an impressive, unique blend of psych, prog and folk rock. In The Red released their 2nd album ‘Golem’ in March, where the... Read More

LIVE: DRINKS – 09/09/2015

DRINKS – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Lights dance off the audience’s head, an ear piercing twang sounds from the guitar and Cate Le Bon stands to the side of Tim Presley, the White Denim bassist, with an unnerving presence. If this band didn’t consist of musicians of such pedigree, who knows if Soup Kitchen’s basement would be so full. But thankfully it is and we’re here with clear minds, all of us unsure of what... Read More


The KVB – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – So, its just gone 7pm on this Friday night and I’m stuck in work. I have that Friday feeling though so all is good! I get a text from my mate to say that the first of three bands that I’m due to go and see after work, are on at half past! My heroic manager lets me off and I practically jump from my office into the Soup Kitchen, just in time for band one. Tonight is part of a series of shows... Read More


The Holydrug Couple – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – The competition for ‘Who’s travelled the furthest to be here’ has a clear winner tonight; While The Holydrug Couple (Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra) hail all the way from Santiago, Chile, Manchester-based Horsebeach (Ryan Kennedy) linger at the bottom of the pile being based in Manchester. Not all is lost though – I am the night’s winner of ‘First to spill their pint over themselves’. It’s... Read More


The Sacred Bones-signed Chilean hypnagogic pop duo The Holydrug Couple and Manchester heroes Horsebeach will play The Soup Kitchen July 8th Doors 7.30pm. Tickets are £8.50 – purchase them hereThe Holydrug Couple released their sophomore album Moonlust earlier this year and Horsebeach released their self-titled debut LP in 2014, which featured in Piccadilly Records’ records of the year list. The Holydrug Couple Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp Horsebeach Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter  Read More


GWENNO will embark on a co-headline tour with label-mate H. Hawkline to promote her debut solo album, Y Dydd Olaf. GWENNO, the new project of former Pipettes frontwoman Gwenno Saunders, will release the album, which means The Last Day in English, on July 24 via Heavenly Recordings. You can listen to one of the tracks from the album, Patriarchaeth, below.The album is inspired by Owain Owain’s 1976 Welsh language sci-fi novel Y Dydd Olaf, about... Read More

LIVE: FÖLLAKZOID – 02/06/2015

Dead Sea Apes – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Hailed as the fresh face of krautrock, Chile’s Föllakzoid, signed to Sonic Cathedral records, tour on the back of their third full LP release, III. This is their first UK tour and to say they are eagerly anticipated, would be an understatement. The night kicks off in fine style with Jason Boardman spinning the tunes and providing an eclectic mix of psych and krautrock which seamlessly flows... Read More


Föllakzoid will play Manchester in support of their new LP III released via New York based Sacred Bones. They will be playing their first ever show in the city at Soup Kitchen on Tuesday June 2nd. Support on the night will be from Dead Sea Apes with a DJ set by Jason Boardman. Doors 7.30pm. Tickets are £8.50 and are available here Föllakzoid began in Santiago, Chile and is made up of childhood friends Juan Pablo (bass, vocals), Diego (drums),... Read More

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