Breaking Colts photo by Francesca Nottola – SOUP KITCHEN,  MANCHESTER – Before the gig I repeat to myself ‘Sex Swing, Sex Swing, Sex Swing’ but what the frack does it mean, ‘Sex Swing’? Sounds good though, the sex, the swing. Anyway, I don’t remember if because I was looking for the band online or if I had had a brief epiphany that sex swing might actually mean something specific, that’s when Google & Wikipedia came to... Read More

LIVE: DISAPPEARS – 24/11/2015

Disappears photo by Peter Rea – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – There’s a crazy amount of great gigs to choose from in Manchester this month. Just tonight, there are two other bands that I would’ve also liked to have seen, but my fondness for Disappears’ 2012 album Pre-Language was enough to lure me to the Soup Kitchen basement. Amongst the various forms of alternative rock that I’ve been filling my ears with of late,... Read More

LIVE: KAGOULE – 20/11/2015

Kagoule – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Kagoule only played the Soup Kitchen a month ago as part of Carefully Planned festival and were the highlight of the entire weekend. This will come as no surprise to anyone who’s heard their recent album Urth, considering it’s probably the best debut album of the year. They kick off this return visit with the alternately chugging and writhing riffs of ‘Adjust The Way’. The meaty intro twists... Read More

LIVE: JENNY HVAL – 08/11/2015

Jenny Hval  – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – When you walk into a Jenny Hval show, you know it’s going to be weird. Last time she graced a stage in Manchester, there were pouting girls, live iPad visuals and some fun karaoke competitions. So, tonight when she walks on stage in a yoga outfit clutching a half deflated yoga ball it’s not a shock. The gabble of pouting girls are gone though. Tonight it is simply Jenny on vocals and... Read More

LIVE: SUNDARA KARMA – 24/10/2015

Sundara Karma – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – After weeks of telling people to check out Sundara Karma for them to look at me blankly and ask if that’s some sort of thai restaurant, it’s nice to see that the Berkshire-based indie rockers are finally in the spotlight. Supporting the likes of Circa Waves and the Wombats has certainly paid off as Manchester’s Soup Kitchen swells with a range of new admirers keen to see Sundara Karma embark... Read More

LIVE: CHASTITY BELT – 21/10/2015

Chastity Belt – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER –There’s a real buzz around Seattle’s Chastity Belt, following the release earlier this year of their superb second album Time To Go Home. The female four-piece’s confident, carefree and fun-loving attitude translates well through their music, reminding me somewhat of Warpaint, in their approach. The basement is pretty much full to capacity tonight, and there’s a really... Read More

LIVE: THE PARROTS – 10/10/2015

The Parrots – THE SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Promoters Strange Days are known for bringing a wide variety of international guitar musicians to Manchester, ranging from solo acoustic folk, to manic garage rock. Tonight, our headliners are Spanish fun-loving surf garage 3-piece, The Parrots. They’ve recently released a split 7″ of covers on Burger Records with Hinds, who chose The Headcoats ‘Davey Crockett’. Soup... Read More


Spectres Bristol noise rockers Spectres will play the Soup Kitchen, Manchester on Thursday November 19th.Tickets cost £7 and can be bought here Leeds post-punk provocateurs Post War Glamour Girls will play the support slot. Spectres were formed in Barnstaple, North Devon about four years ago, but after a few months of playing to people who wanted white reggae rather than white noise, they decided to move to Bristol. “Forming in Barnstaple was... Read More

LIVE: FOXTALES – 17/09/2015

Foxtales – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – You know it’s going to be a good night when you’re greeted by friends with a free pint – the best kind of pint there is  – even if it’s infused with ham as this one was. Thankfully I’m not here for the pork beer, I am here to sample a bit of Manchester’s finely brewed emerging talent in the form of Foxtales. A band barely a year old, Foxtales have had a year of playing some of the best... Read More


The Boris Johnson Massacre – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Tonight at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen, we are in for something special. Not only is it the last gig of the year for psych favourites The Lucid Dream, but we are being treated to an amalgamation act known only as The Boris Johnson Massacre. Taking to the dimly lit stage, The Boris Johnson Massacre are made up of two members of shoegaze outfit Purple Heart Parade and five members... Read More

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