Föllakzoid will play Manchester in support of their new LP III released via New York based Sacred Bones. They will be playing their first ever show in the city at Soup Kitchen on Tuesday June 2nd. Support on the night will be from Dead Sea Apes with a DJ set by Jason Boardman. Doors 7.30pm. Tickets are £8.50 and are available here Föllakzoid began in Santiago, Chile and is made up of childhood friends Juan Pablo (bass, vocals), Diego (drums),... Read More

LIVE: VENNART – 13/05/2015

Vennart – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – I won’t lie: I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl tonight. So giddy in fact I’m almost skipping down the stairs in the Soup Kitchen. I’m here to see Oceansize sorry, Vennart. Who are three fifths of Oceansize, Manchester’s very own progressive death indie outfit who tragically split in 2011, leaving fans utterly devastated and inconsolable. Anyway, it’s in the past and I’m completely over it. A... Read More

LIVE: SLUG – 16/04/2015

Slug – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – I arrive to a bustling crowd outside the Soup Kitchen in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Very busy, I think, for a Thursday night. It turns out that a local artist is exhibiting his work in the big windows of the bar (all of which are giant replications of album covers from local Manchester bands, one being Dutch Uncles). I realise that it’s already 9:15pm, the band I’m here to see are on in 15 minutes.... Read More

LIVE: BEN KHAN – 14/04/2015

Ben Khan – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Not a lot is known about Ben Khan. He hasn’t done a lot of interviews, he’s not big on the ol’ social media, he’s only released one EP (the stunning 1992) with another one on the way, and rarely plays live. I can’t even (shock!) find a Wikipedia page for him. What we do know is he’s a 22 year old from London and he makes sublime slices of skewed RnB future pop with thick slabs of funk... Read More


The Lovely Eggs – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – The gig space in the Soup Kitchen looks like a catacomb and it fits the night perfectly, given that the devotion shown by fans of The Lovely Eggs shares some traits with a religious cult, and this is now the cult of the Magic Onion, as explained later. The amplification seems slightly disproportionate for the small room, it could as well be good for Foo Fighters at Wembley. As a prevention... Read More

LIVE: VESSELS – 16/03/2015

Vessels – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Vessels’ recently released album Dilate is something of a departure from their lean, guitar-focussed Slint-via-Radiohead post-rock stylings. Previous record Helioscope is a brilliant, greyscale exercise in tension and release and where Dilate still uses similar dynamics in terms of building layers to a dramatic climax, this time it’s in glorious electronic Technicolor. It’s no coincidence... Read More

LIVE: LONELADY – 26/02/2015

LoneLady – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – There was huge disappointment for me, almost 5 years ago – Manchester’s own Julie Ann Campbell, aka LoneLady, withdrew from a support slot for Chris Cunningham due to illness. Her superb debut album ‘Nerve Up’, released on Warp in 2010, had piqued my interest enough to leave me wanting more. It’s been a long wait. Digital culture connoisseurs Future Everything are... Read More

LIVE: GIRLPOOL – 18/02/2015

Girlpool – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Soup Kitchen is heaving tonight. That’s because we are about to watch Girlpool, the surprise package of 2015 who have inspired support from nearly every blog and quarter going, despite comprising of just two women with two guitars. This hype may seem perplexing to many, as unlike the breakthrough acts of the last few years, see FKA Twigs, Girlpool pose very few challenges to their listeners and create... Read More


NISENNENMONDAI – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER –  This is my 100th Silent Radio review, and I’ve still no idea what I’m doing. It’s only appropriate that I’m, typically, at an intimate gig for a band that I’d not heard of 2 weeks ago, until recommended by editor Simon Poole. Soup Kitchen is filling up nicely, as you’d expect from a Now Wave doo. The Northern Quarter urban decay basement is a very fitting... Read More

LIVE: EX HEX / PRINCESS – 12/02/2015

Princess – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – By the end of their short five song opening set, South Dublin’s Princess have sensed, stalked and snared an initially passive Manchester crowd.  Ostensibly a two piece recording project, tonight Liam and Aoife are supplemented by a full band and are now equipped with the artillery to deliver.  Their approach is simple and effective. Looking for an epic sound, they trade in walls of atmosphere,... Read More

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