Menace Beach have made their debut album available ahead of its release on Monday. The Leeds based band are streaming their debut album Ratworld via Hype Machine, before its release on Memphis Industries.The band was formed after the breakup of Derby band Komakino, whose vocalist Ryan Needham now shares vocal duties with Liza Violet in Menace Beach. The pair are joined by Hookworms singer Matthew ‘MJ’ Johnson on guitar and production duties,... Read More


Leeds based Menace Beach will release their debut album, Ratworld, on January 19. The band, who originally formed in 2012, have also announced their first UK tour, which will include a date at The Castle on January 26. The record will be released through Memphis Industries, and the band have shared new song Blue Eye from the album.The band was formed after the breakup of Derby band Komakino, whose vocalist Ryan Needham now shares vocal duties with... Read More

LIVE: PISSED JEANS – 14/08/2014

– GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Possibly the best band currently signed to Sub Pop, although that might depend on your preference for angular, heavy, noisy, punk rock or Fleet Foxes. Pissed Jeans seem able to create sonic landscapes, themes and soundtracks to the irritations of life and the minutiae of the daily grind. They create an aural document to a mind on the slide, a bitter and resentful  Peter Bagge-like character,  an ordinary Joe on... Read More


Besides the annual Sounds From The Other City weekender festival taking place at Islington Mill every year, the independent cultural hob that is Islington Mill has now had another array of acts added for a full weekend this May. Hookworms Weekender @ Islington Mill Two of Manchester’s most prominent underground promoters, Grey Lantern and wotgodforgot, have teamed up to present a two-night residency at the Salford venue, curated by their self-proclaimed... Read More


Following a hugely successful 2013 which featured Django Django, Bonobo, Local Natives and more, Beacons Festival returns for 2014 over the weekend of 7th August to 10th August. Beacons Festival is pleased to reveal the first acts for 2014. New York opulent disco / astral funk duo Darkside, ethereal and intimate yet mountain-range massive sounding London trio Daughter and the elegantly crafted electronica tunes of Jon Hopkins will headline the festival. The... Read More

LIVE: HOOKWORMS – 05/04/2013

– SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – According to the bastion of truth that is Wikipedia, a hookworm is ‘a parasitic nematode that lives in the small intestine of its host, which may be a mammal such as a dog, cat, or human’. A parasite, something that sucks the life out of whatever unfortunate host it happens to take residency in. That the Leeds based youngsters I’m seeing tonight have taken this moniker upon themselves is a bit... Read More

LIVE: TY SEGALL – 08/11/2012

– THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – There are times when it can take until the morning after for all the dust to settle on an evening’s events before you fully recognise how much you enjoyed a gig or not. Some of the times, it can be incredibly useful to mull it over, and writing a review gratefully provides you with that opportunity. Perhaps some of the gentler elements of the performance might only present themselves to you in retrospect,... Read More

LIVE: PLANK! / HOOKWORMS – 27/07/2012

– SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – It’s certainly the night for a mind-altering statement. At the very same time as one great Mancunian artist is subverting all expectations in front of a global audience, another group of them are tapping into the dark recesses of our imaginations on a far smaller scale. But whereas Danny Boyle might be taking the opening ceremony into uncharted territory, this is just another night in the life of Plank. It’s... Read More


– THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – All the way from a basement in Wisconsin, the duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis finish their brief European tour in Manchester tonight, bringing their very young son Mikko along for the ride. Peaking Lights‘ homemade equipment, jumbled together from random bits of old electrical goods such as alarm clocks, effects pedals, radios and tape decks, has successfully produced the sound that’s... Read More