ALBUM: Noisia – Split the Atom

I’ll never forget the first time I heard a Noisia track. I literally stopped mid sentence. I was so gripped by what I was hearing. The track stood out like a sore thumb and everything else I heard that night paled in comparison. It was so crisp, so precise, structured so perfectly. How do you make music like this, let alone Drum & Bass? Since then I’ve been a fond follower of the Dutch trio. The pleasure of seeing them DJ several times in... Read More

ALBUM: The Who – Greatest Hits and More

I hate Greatest Hits compilations for their soullessness, but on the other hand, I like The Who – especially for their soul – so this review might genuinely tear me in two, like a piece of Doublemint. ‘Tear me in two, like this album’ might have been a better analogy – the box-set comprises two discs, one of ‘Hits’ and one of ‘Live’ material. This seems like a good enough idea, as the Who were an awesome live band; even in 1996... Read More