EP Review: The Costellos – Mini EP


The Costellos are a young band based in the north-east and get regular airtime on BBC Radio Newcastle. All aged 20, the 4 members combine to create a smooth, easy rock sound, reminiscent of Stereophonics’ ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. The band’s output is purely internet-based for now (links below), thus their music is easy to access. Three […]

EP Review: Mark Lanegan Band – No Bells on Sunday

Mark Lanegan - No Bells On Sunday

For anyone who doesn’t know who Mark Lanegan is, you’re an idiot he co-wrote Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘No One Knows’, one of the best rock songs of the noughties. And that’s just one of a myriad of activities he has undertaken since his Seattle rock band Screaming Trees petered out. Indeed, it’s hard […]

EP Review: Baby Brave – King Horse


King Horse presents a very different Baby Brave to their clumsily titled 2012 debut EP (deep breath) The Hornet’s Nest of Unrequited Ambition That Was 1960s Vogue. They’ve since lost a singer and the suffix “…and the Love Bites” but gained an affection for some noisier influences. That’s not to say there’s none of the […]


Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes, or simply FLApes if you prefer, will release their first record since 2011 on Monday (May 12).  Hailing from Dublin, the band have already released two albums.  Both were nominated for the Choice Music Prize, the Irish equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize, awarded for album of the year.  They launched a […]

EP Review: King Kartel – Not Done Fighting

King Kartel Artwork

Having formed in September 2012, the success of King Kartels first single ‘Stone Cold Killer’ was enough to see them do a nationwide tour – an impressive feat for any new band. Now a year later, they release their debut EP Not Done Fighting. This four-piece, Manchester-based indie-rock band are recommended for fans of Oasis, […]

EP Review: The Growlers – Not. Psych!


The Growlers are one of those rare bands that just don’t give a shit; they play the kind of music they want to play and do it in their own way. Any band that has a record called Greatest Shits and a single named ‘Gay Thoughts’ is destined for stardom in my eyes. Made up […]


Stubborn Heart - Penetrate 12 - Artwork

A batch of remixes normally act as a subtle reminder that ‘THIS BAND STILL EXIST’ ahead of a more important release, and tellingly on the day Stubborn Heart’s ‘Penetrate EP’ is released, announcements have been made about the release of a new 27-track deluxe edition of their well-received debut. I am not suspicious. Deluxe editions […]

EP Review: Death To The Strange – Sign On

Death to the strange

As someone who grew up with the screams of Kurt Cobain in one ear and a stream of brilliantly unpredictable Radiohead albums in the other, I’ve reached an unfortunate plateau of boredom. I’m bored with bands that bafflingly become increasingly popular for being vaguely ‘vintage’ and ‘indie’ without being either vintage or indie at all. […]

EP Review: Joe Banfi – Nomads

Joe Banfi

Joe Banfi’s Nomads is the second EP to come after 2012’s Iron EP and it is evidence of how far he has come since then. Banfi is a relatively new artist, but this is in no way clear – the production (Ian Grimble of Communion) and feel of this EP is outstanding. “Please don’t let […]

EP Review: Bird – Shadows


Liverpool ‘s musical renaissance continues aplenty with the recent emergence of Stealing Sheep and a thriving local live music scene to rival Manchester. One of the latest talents to emerge is the three piece band Bird, who comprise of Adele Emmas (singer, songwriter), Sian Williams (guitar, harmonies) and Alexis Samata (drums). Their press release talks […]

EP Review: Protect-U – Motorbike


Here is something new from Planet Mu with this latest EP from Protect-U, the brainchild of Mike Petillo and Aaron Leitko, two of the “new breed of dance music producers” presently emerging from Washington DC. ‘Motorbike’ opens with a half drunken metallic coated bassline pulsing its way through the track, kept in check by the […]

EP Review: Dream Continuum – Reworkz EP


Dream Continuum is the coming together of two artists, Machinedrum (aka Travis Stewart) and Om Unit, (Jim Coles), also known as Philip D. Kick. The partnership formed when the two realised they’d both been working on the same concept separartely, and so naturally put their heads together to produce this phenomenal EP. The concept in […]

EP: HAL – Down In The Valley EP


It never really happened for Hal. Seven years ago they were being overshadowed by the Magic Numbers at their co-headline show at the Roadhouse (as most bands would have been). A few months later they released their exceptional début album to mass public indifference. And then they disappeared The band’s return now is something of a surprise. […]

EP Review: Ital Tek – Gonga


The chameleon of the jungle, Ital Tek, changes colour once again as he turns his hand to carving his own EP of footwork-influenced beats. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Gonga. Title track ‘Gonga’ opens the EP. Those shattered footwork-style drums set the pace, rising and falling from one to the next, and create a […]

EP Review: Keep Shelly In Athens – Campus Martius

Keep Shelly in Athens

In keeping with its string of synth-pop releases throughout 2011, Planet Mu presents Keep Shelly In Athens. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information I can give you about the duo. My research produced few answers, but I can confirm that there are two of them, the singer, Sarah, is a very pretty lady and together they […]


Mount Fabric _1

Mount Fabric are a Manchester-based band whose lyrics walk a fine line between profound and ridiculous – “The flickering embers of a sleeping fire/The shivers descending down a grid of wires/The master pretending like he has not heard/The tectonic bending of his island world.” Admittedly, these words do at least avoid the usual clichés and […]

EP: Fruits de Mer Records – Do Not Adjust Your Set


This latest release from the splendid Fruits de Mer record label is a six track EP that is a kitsch retro fest. Six theme tunes, three each from the halcyon days of the BBC and ITV when summer holidays meant badly dubbed and almost impossible to follow TV shows from the colonies, and SUPERMARIONATION meant […]

EP Review: City Reign – Numbers For Street Names


Numbers For Street Names, the second EP from the Manchester based foursome, reeks of nostalgic alternative rock, familiar with the likes of Oasis, Nine Black Alps and Joy Division – all great bands to emerge from the depths of the northern city. The record oozes light anthemic rock with complex layerings of rustic vocals, fiery […]

EP Review: Walton – Walton EP


It’s always nice to see an email come through from Hyperdub, even more so when it contains the debut EP from a hometowner. On this latest release, Sam Walton brings us four interesting and original tracks, pulling influences from House, UK Funky and grime whilst keeping the energy levels high. ‘Aggy’ starts proceedings. Hard kicks […]

EP Review: DJ Shadow – I Gotta Rokk


DJ Shadow is perhaps the ultimate postmodern expression of the potential within electronic dance music.  His 1996 debut album “Entroducing” was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the first to be composed purely of samples.  Forget the Halle orchestra – all Josh Davis needs to make music is an Akai sampler, a dark mood, and […]



The extravagantly named ‘Kelly Price w8 gain vol.II’ EP comes from Hype Williams. In all honesty I’ve never heard of him before, but I trust Hyperdub’s taste explicitly and opened my ears to some very new sounds indeed. Hazed out ‘Rise Up’ starts up the A side, Inga Copeland (one of the two) lays down soft […]

EP REVIEW: DOK – West Coast


No stranger to the wax, DOK’s first EP outing on Hyperdub sees him team up with long time partner and some say evil twin (or is that eviler twin?) Terror Danjah for this filthy, funk fuelled slice of east coast, west coast grime goodness.   ‘West Coast’ is a hard hitting, grimey, filthy, low-riding roller. […]


This, the latest outing on Planet Mu, sees Vezelay (aka Matthieu Le Berre) make his label debut with this six track EP of electro pop dream dust. The EP opens with ‘Sedative’, where arpeggios and a simple but effective, kick and snare combination lead the way for distant vocals to float upon. ‘Demure’ follows on […]

EP REVIEW: Ossie – Set The Tone


East Londoner Ossie, gives us three gifts of musical goodness for his second outing on wax with the “Set The Tone EP” on a personal favourite of mine: Hyperdub. Imagine the scene if you will. I am just about to get off the bus and begin my walk to work. For me, the only way […]

ALBUM: Curry & Coco – Sex Is Fashion EP

In terms of respectability the 80s has made something of a comeback. Throughout the nineties and noughties the decade that spawned acts such as Flock of Seagulls, Van Halen and Wham was widely maligned as a vacuous, miserable period where egos and haircuts overshadowed meaningful memorable material. Now it’s in renaissance. But as bands like […]

EP: Swindle – Airmiles

Next up from Planet Mu is yet another label debut, this time we’re greeted by Swindles. From what I can gather, previous to his “Who Said Funk” E.P. coming out in March this year, he’s worked with a pretty good chunk of notable UK MC’s. Providing beats and backing for Roll Deep, The Mitchell Brothers, […]

EP: We were Promised Jetpacks – The Last Place You’ll Look

We were Promised Jetpacks – The Last Place You’ll Look

What’s happening to Scottish music nowadays? Scottish bands seem to have developed a real identity within guitar music – perhaps seeking to make amends after the turd that was Franz Ferdninand plopped, steaming onto the British music scene. Bleak, melancholy and down-beat, yet without being depressing – like the last rays of sun on a […]

EP: Starkey – Stars EP Ft. Anneka

Starkey Stars EP Ft. Anneka

Philadelphian producer and general musical wizard Starkey, brings us a 4 track EP, giving us another team up with vocalist Anneka, two solo ventures, and a remix from Slugabed. After catching his recent appearance on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Show where he teamed up with Anneka and Reso to build a track from scratch over […]

EP: Machine Boy – People

Machine Boy – People

Birmingham based Machine Boy first came to my attention last year via Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music Introducing, a bi-weekly show which brings listeners a totally playlist free two hours of music. Each and every track played is recommended by the general music loving public and aims to bring the freshest and newest music out […]

EP: Kuedo (aka Jamie Vex’d) – Starfox EP

Starfox EP

Jamie Vex’d is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He creates masterpieces of music, each beautifully intricate and layered to create one astounding final piece. And similar to a great work of art, it’s impossible to take it all in at once. This man should receive some kind of award for the […]

EP: The Marder – Men’s Ruin

the marder

The boast on the CD is that this debut EP is produced by Steve Albini (of Pixies fame) and my immediate reaction is a cynical one. If the band is any good, why is it that the producer is the main pulling point? It makes me think that there’s a quality deficit somewhere, and that […]