Album Review: Beach House – Depression Cherry

Is Beach House sticking two fingers up to the tyranny of change on their fifth album, Depression Cherry? Perceived wisdom maintains that constant musical transition bears the seal of authenticity. Arguably, titan, critically adored bands look like snakes constantly shedding their skins. The Beatles took a glorious trip from exuberant rock ‘n’ roll to the […]

Album Review: Spector – Moth Boys

CHEVY THUNDER, CHEVY, CHEVY THUNDER!!! Sorry, love that tune. Anyway, Spector return with their second album, Moth Boys, which is an ambiguous title to say the least and baffling to someone not in the know like myself. What the fuck is a moth boy and where can I find one? Answers on a postcard please. […]

Album Review: Monotony – Monotony

Monotony is the ‘evil twin’ of DIY crusaders Sauna Youth (Jen, Rich, Chris, and Lindsay forming both bands). Limited to 300 copies, this 12″ is delightful in its shouty A to B delivery, providing post-punk goods. Boasting a scuzzier sound compared to the SY side of the yin-yang of the two bands, this recording has […]

Album Review: Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Negative People

Frank turner is a man who seems to have hardly slept since he began this solo venture of his back in 2006.  If he’s not writing he’s in the studio, and if he’s not in the studio he’s on the road. Positive Songs For Negative People is Frank’s sixth album and follows up 2013’s Tape […]


The Maccabees in my opinion have always been an underrated outfit. When you’ve got groups like Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs pissing around the industry like headless chickens desperately trying to reinvent themselves, it’s nice to see a band come along with a positive correlation rather than a disjointed ‘progression’ in accordance with fashion trends in […]


ATO Records’ press release states that this album is “Nashville Psych-Rock for fans of Pond, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, T Rex, The Doors”. I would argue that they’re not really too much like any of those bands at all, but still, they’re right, if you like those bands you’ll probably like Fly Golden Eagle. They’re brash, bold, and […]


Omar Souleyman’s own promoters have labelled Bahdeni Nami as his “second proper studio effort”, but this does little to convey the man’s career. Performing since 1994, Souleyman has made over 500 recordings, the majority of which were released as cassettes of his performances at wedding ceremonies in his native Syria, the resale of which has […]

Album Review: Sleaford Mods – Key Markets

“Wonderful Cunts. That is all.” That’s ideally what I’d like to have published however, due to the restrictions of word count and “professionalism” more of an explanation as to why I love this band is required. But hey it’s Sleaford fucking Mods so I couldn’t give a fuck! Key Markets sees the boys from Nottingham, Jason […]

Album Review: Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People

Ezra Furman’s rise to prominence stems from some hyperbolic words from Michael Hann. His five star review of Day of the Dog, where he proclaimed the record a “genre classic…that never feels like an exercise, but a living breathing piece of self-expression”, gave the band the success they enjoy in the UK. And those words aren’t unfounded, […]

Album Review: Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, girl

What is immediately striking about Jenny Hval’s third studio album Apocalypse, girl is the Norwegian’s fearlessness in exploiting speech and melody to convey her highly individual worldview. As a credited lyricist, writer and singer all rolled into one, her work demonstrates an artistic, experimental quality that incorporates familiar influences yet stretches out far beyond them. […]