Hundreds return with their second studio album Aftermath on 17th March 2014, released via Berlin based label Sinnbus and here is a little something that you will find on it.

It’s been two years since their self-titled debut album was released but with their second offering, Aftermath, the band return stronger than ever with the same, if not more, conviction, passion and excitement. Only a band like Hundreds could return with the same vigour whilst maintaining that enchanting, cool elegance that has become their signature sound and attitude.

After endlessly touring half the world, the Milner siblings were searching for a new approach to writing their music. They moved to the countryside and built their own studio in the middle of nowhere, starting from scratch, they began to write Aftermath. In their quiet seclusion, the band found their new approaching, writing organically and eventually producing twelve perfect tracks.

Aftermath is the story of opening up and letting go, growing older, but also of refreshing naivety and unconditional utopia. ‘Beehive (Prelude)’, an instrumental version of a track from the album, is the perfect introduction for what’s to come.

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