1) Beck at Albert Hall

An all encompassing greatest hits set which could be one of the best things I’ve ever seen

2) LCD Soundsystem at Primavera Sound

The best comeback – not half arsed, but full blooded and joyous to behold

3) Nicolas Jaar at Granada Studios

The single best electronic performance I’ve ever seen, ridiculously talented man


1) Frank Ocean – Blond

Worth the four year wait, the return of Frank Ocean is everything I hoped for and more. Blows every other RnB star out of the water with an album only he could make, sometimes sounding like there are 8 different versions of Ocean within each song. So confidently done, only Andre 3000 gets an actual guest spot where the likes of Beyoncé and Yung Lean are relegated to backing vocals. Astonishing. Best track ‘Self Control’.

2) Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Released on Warp, this sounds like no other rap album released this year, if ever to be honest. It’s the sound of a man on the edge of a breakdown, and it can be relentlessly dark, but no finer ode to being fucked up has been made like this for a while. The production is incredible, light years ahead of anyone else in the game at the moment. Best track ‘Ain’t it Funny’

3) Bon Iver – 22, a million

get past the bizarre imagery and song titles and this actually isn’t too much of a diversion from the Bonn Iver sound as reviews would have you believe. Some songs  may be cloaked in his electronic box of tricks, but the beautiful melodies and existential lyrics still shine through. The best thing he’s done. Best Track ‘715 Creek’


1) Kanye West – Ultra Light Beam

2) Mothers – Nesting Behaviour

3) Beyoncé – Formation

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