Get Wrong’s self-titled debut EP seems somewhat like a mission statement from the band. Made up of Naomi Griffin and Adam Todd of Martha and The Spook School respectively, they have departed from the guitar music of their previous work for a full-blown pop project, but one that is as earnest and direct as their existing portfolios.

To be completely upfront – the Get Wrong EP is some of the sweetest, most intimate pop music you’ll ever hear. As personal and heartfelt as a handmade card on your birthday, this EP is obviously hand-crafted with a great deal of care. Whilst sharing some aesthetic similarities, this isn’t what I’d call bedroom pop, but what both have in common is an honesty and immediacy that is warming. With the synth-pop palette at work, it could have easily fallen into the retro 80s nostalgia pastiche that has been awash for the past decade or so, but it doesn’t, and I think that is because of how this feels like exactly what it seems to be: two friends in a room making music for the fun of it. Get Wrong give you the permission to be playful, letting loose the leash of bleak adult life to take a look at life as it felt on a half-term holiday or in that last summer before life got busy.

Naomi Griffin once again proves they can deliver some of the most direct lyricism on ‘Crying My Eyes Out’, calling to mind Martha’s ‘Into It’ on which she delivers similarly everyday depictions of romantic turbulence. The lyricism across the EP – singing of warm sandwiches in Toyota Corollas and how “confidence is a thing you’ll feel when you get just a little bit older” – only cements that this is deeply grounded pop music, telling life as it is on a local level.

The Get Wrong EP is an example of how fun music can be. This isn’t music that requires lofty analysis, it’s just really personable, agreeable music with lyrics that reflect everyday lives. It’s a refreshing take on a genre that can sometimes feel out of reach of real people, applying indie/DIY sensibilities to the realm of pop music. It’s nothing world-changing, but that’s kind of the point. It’s music made for the joy of making music and as a result the EP has an infectious giddiness to it that had me grinning to myself for as long as I was listening.

Get Wrong: Get Wrong EP – Out 1st December 2023 (Alcopop! Records/Father Daughter Records)

Wrong “Purple” (Official Video) (