Waxahatchee has unveiled an official video for her recent single, ‘La Loose’. Directed by Naomi Yang (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi), the video finds Katie Crutchfield taking centre stage. Speaking of the shoot, Naomi Yang shared “I wanted the video to be a visual equivalent to the song lyric, “a charming picture of hysteria in love” – a spinning emotional kaleidoscope of desire and rejection, adoration and anger, hope and despair. For this reason I set the video in mirror-twin locations: an abandoned, haunted amusement park and a thriving farm out of a beautiful dream.”

‘La Loose’ is taken from Waxahatchee’s highly acclaimed album ‘Ivy Tripp’, released earlier this year on Wichita Recordings. The subtly sophisticated track marks a sonic departure for Waxahatchee, with its poppy synth hook and cheerful Casio drum machine beat. Proving Katie has an ear for a good melody, the track’s sweet new wave feel is at odds with the melancholy lyrics, exposing a relationship’s irreversible demise.

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