Spring Offensive have announced the completion of their debut album “Young Animal Hearts” and have released a brand new video for album track “The River”.

Beautifully filmed and edited by Sam King, the video itself was produced and directed by Matt and Lucas from the band.  The video mirrors the dark mood of the song. The whole thing feels like a dream with each band member floating over the ground, almost drawn towards the car.  We wanted to capture something of the atmosphere of Ben Wheatley’s ‘A Field In England’, in which time and location are made to feel surreal and malleable. The song was inspired by the murderous folk music of the dark heart of the English countryside, and so we needed something suitably grubby and bleak to go with it.

The video was produced on a shoestring budget, and nearly everything used was sourced or made by the band. Even the car came very kindly from a fan via Twitter. Filling up a car with water is a little harder than you would imagine, it took several hours and about 7.5 tonnes of water to do so. The little Peugeot was sealed with duct tape and rubber sealant and then water was pumped in with a hose from some giant water tanks, the only problem was that the water leaked out almost as fast it was pumped in.


Spring Offensive their debut album “Young Animal Hearts” on the 10 March.

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