Ralph Pellymounter debuts his solo work, which is separate from his previous endeavours with To Kill a King. ‘Three Love Songs, Death & Kindness’ is an EP of five tracks from the folk-rock frontman. Released on Tequila King Records (ha ha, it’s a pun!), the songs appear be an extension of his other work with the band.

The first song doesn’t sound a lot different from Pellymounter’s music with To Kill a King but Pelleymounter himself seems to have grown up a bit,  Immediately, it is noticeable that he has gained some maturity from his days as ‘Ralph from To Kill a King’.He has released his own stuff now, he is a soloist. Probably the track that shows his vocal style most is ‘I Love You Most When I’m Hungover’. It seems like it is the track from the EP that has been edited the least and this makes it appear to be more intimate than some of the other tracks on the release.

Having met Ralph before (sorry to namedrop but I had to – for the EPs sake) this EP seems to be just as nice as he is. It is quite similar to the sound of To Kill a King and the tracks are all folk-rock but overall it is a really nice and likeable EP. Also the nerd inside me is screaming because although the second track does not have any words – so it’s not necessarily a ‘love song’ – it is still included on the EP, which would mean it has four love songs and not three. Unless, it was a musical interlude of some sort but this would also have to be specified in the title.

Ralph Pelleymounter – Three Love Songs, Death & Kindness EP: Out Now (Tequila King Records)



Sophie Nebesniak

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