The return of London-via-Brighton indie duo Peggy Sue, made up of Rosa Slade and Katy Young has recently been announced. The pair have shared their new single ‘Slow Fade’.

‘Slow Fade’ is the first single from Peggy Sue’s upcoming fifth album, due 2018. After a three year break, during which Rosa Slade and Katy Young have been performing with all-female singing group Deep Throat Choir, ‘Slow Fade’ is an apt comeback; a melancholy celebration of patience.

The track is a dreamy, melodic breakup song; one that lets you hang around lazily in the days when you aren’t okay yet. “Heartbreak takes ages” says Katy Young. “That’s kind of the best and the worst thing about it. I was pretty heartbroken and trying all these tactics to make it finish faster; going out, staying in, talking about it, not talking about it. But at some point I realised that when I was okay again, it would be because the love was done. And so ‘Slow Fade’ is about letting it take its time – partly because you don’t really have a choice, and partly because a bit of me wanted to make that pretty sadness, last as long as I could.

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