Throw Down Bones

Throw Down Bones

Fuzz Club’s exploration of the psychedelic underground has yielded another stellar discovery in Italian coldwave duo Throw Down Bones. With live performances at Liverpool Psych Fest and the Fuzz Club Festival both being treated with great accolades, the debut album is eight tracks of instrumental electronica born from experimentation, and is the most played album on Fuzz Club’s own iTunes in 2015, and that’s without it being released yet.

For fans of Dead Skeltons, Neu and Gnod, the album set for release on 1st December opens with ‘Exposure’, a six minute noise masterpiece with increasing intensity as sound is layered. This is experimental sound at its finest, with a drive for precision which shines through as it progresses into ‘Our Home, the Holy Mountain’. The dream like trance this track induces is not surprising when you know that to create this album, the band’s experimental creative process saw them locked away in their alpine studio for a weeklong jam session, which was harvested for sounds, riffs and effects, from which they built the final tracks.

‘A Premise to Action’ is a beautifully calm and melodic track interspersed with noise interludes so brief and fleeting it takes a couple of listens to realise if you’ve actually heard them. The tempo is increased with ‘Inner Lights’ which comes across fantastically both live and on record. As the lengthy track progresses, it evolves into something extremely clever with the use of layering over the key. There are not many bands who can produce albums without a word uttered and still ensnare an audience.

The onslaught comes next in the form of ‘Emitters’ and the stand out track from the album, and the one receiving the most attention to date, ‘Saturator’. The positioning of these two tracks, whether intentional or by a mere stroke of luck, is quite simply genius. The sounds complement each other perfectly and one leads to the other without flaw. ‘Saturator’ itself is a masterpiece and a track that had to be played extremely loud and on repeat. In its structure it is incredibly simple; four mutating elements repeated and evolved with each repetition with the addition of further guitar and tambourine later on. The intensity builds and by the end it is quite literally impossible to not be at the very least tapping a foot. To describe this track in such basic terms does not do the music true justice, the only way to understand is to listen to it and soak it in. I’d recommend doing so several times.

‘Bones’ follows, with a slightly different feel to the rest of the album due to the change of tone and effect. Whilst sticking with the same theme employed by the rest of the album, this feels like the showcase track, where they really put their skills as musicians to good effect, and it comes across in the clarity and quality of the track. Rounding off the album we have ‘It’s All Around Us’; a return to the melodic once more with its sweeping riffs and haunting migrations of sound.

Their mix of infectious beats and the raw energy of live rock n roll make Throw Down Bones a great act to watch live with their offering of a dark and modern definition of coldwave. Dave Cocks (Bass/Percussion) and Frankie Frankie (Guitar/Synth/Vocal/Effect) have created something rather special here and Fuzz Club have found a hidden gem and brought them right into the spotlight where they deserve to be.

They are set for a UK and European tour in February 2016 and if recent performances and the quality of the album is anything to go by, it is not one to be missed.

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Release Date 01/12/2015 (Fuzz Club Records)

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