Andrew Hung is giving away a brand new track off the imminent new ‘Rave Cave 2’ EP. Download or stream the juddering electronic apocalypse that is ‘Star Ferry Dub’ below:


Sooner still is Andrew’s debut UK solo show, which will be taking place at London’s The Lexington this Monday 27th November. Support comes from ASDL Camels, tickets are available here.

‘Rave Cave 2’ will be free and available for all to enjoy from next Friday 27th November. Here’s what Andrew had to say about it, as well as musing on releasing his solo music into the public domain:

“Over the last year I’ve been making music under the umbrella name of Rave Cave. The music is about letting go; letting go of control or expectations or anything thought-based. I’ve realised that we as individuals are in control of very little, yet we are addicted to thinking. So what I’m doing is channeling the experiences that this ego has had and focusing it into music, as an expression.”

“These works have occurred during quite a profound time in my life. It’s over this period (the last year or so) that I’ve been undergoing a recalibration of my character. The religion of individuality is giving away to the power of now; because that is all we have. I detect a shift in our collective consciousness occurring; it is time we stopped imprisoning ourselves. Anything anyone has ever done is connected to everything anyone will ever do. The blueprint for a greater, more socially and ecologically balanced society exists. The technology to fulfill this plan exists. What are we waiting for?

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